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Scrubs Series 5

Marzipan Travolta

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I thought it was great when JD really went to town with the whole 'we' thing

I just watched My Screw Up (2nd episode with Brendan Fraiser in it) again, it is the best Scrubs episode ever.

I think My Lucky Day is probably my favourite... just for JD's luckiest moment ever.

JD : *holy crap it's David Copperfield*

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I love that one! The sheer ecstasy on his face is priceless.

I love the ep in Series 3 when Turk asks JD to be his best man. "So is this like, the best moment you guys have had as friends?" (or words to that effect) Que JD having a flashback of getting two free gifts in a cereal packet.

"Turk! It's happened!"


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Scrubs is rubbish now.

I wouldn't go as far to call it rubbish, but it's definitely peaked it seems.

This past season has been mainly 'meh' for me with only a handful of true highlights (kung fu fighting fantasy namely).

JD has become a parody of himself, too many instances of the cast and crew getting their mates in and they can't seem to decide what to do with Jordan's character (mega bitch or needy outsider? Decide!)

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Yeah, totally agree with that. Kung Fu Fighting was amazing, put simply.

But they're trying to go BIG every single pissing episode. Like the sand episode, with janitor's big sand castle, and it felt like they were forcing sympathy at times (old woman that doesn't want to die to my annoyance).

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(old woman that doesn't want to die to my annoyance).

:lol: Not just dead inside but cold as well.

Scrubs just gets better and better for me, it about the only program i will sit and can watch on my own and still burst out loud laughing my head off.

Watched 15 and finished up with a huge smile at the end with Cox reading the book.

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It's definitely out cos I just watched it. It was pretty rubbish though except for JANITOR and JDs BUM.


Are you serious?!

some highlights :

Elliott and Jordan's conversation

Dr. Cox's happy place

Dr. Cox in the bar with Keith

Dr. Cox and the interns

JD and the fraternity

The Bowling Alley

The Evil Eyes!!

Absolutely fantastic episode.

Elliott : "You don't like Cox?"

Jordan : "Actually, I love Cox."

Todd : "Greatest, conversation, ever."

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I dont think that hes going to leave. At least i hope not.

It just wouldnt be the same without him.

I think that if even 1 character left it would change the whole dynamic of the show and they should call it quits, go out on a high.

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