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Space: Above And Beyond


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Yep. Strolled into one of the SF-stores in Oslo and suddenly couldn`t believe my eyes. A small box, similar in size to the Firefly box, with the same thin discs inside. And on the front in large letters: SPACE.

So they finally managed to put this show out there. As I told the store clerk: I`ve been waiting a long time for this.

Just like Firefly , this show was too good to succeed.

More than 1000 minutes.

Oh Mama.

Kickass characters. The cool guy with the white hair!

Dark. Gritty. There is no hope. But they keep fighting on.

(Playusa.com seems to sell it too.) http://www.playusa.com/DVD/Region_1/3-/738...bove+and+beyond

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I've never seen an episode, but I've seen the cheesy opening sequence. I hate those opening sequences where the characters are standing looking at the camera whilst the camera swerves around them one by one (eg Smallville), it always looks terrible.

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Every line a cheesy one but quite addictive stuff. I wouldn't say it's dark and gritty myself.

The final episode "A.M.F." sees the series go out in a specatular blaze of bitterness.

The Nu-Battlestar Galactica people won't like it.

Oh and there's the episode with Chiggy Von Richthoffen in it.

If you'd like to see the bastard love child of Space 1999 and Tour of Duty then this is for you. However I'm guessing that most people won't.

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It's incredibly po-faced and self-important, which wouldn't have been so bad if the plotlines and characters weren't so ridiculous- every episode seemed to have characters falling in love on battlefields, and other such soap opera madness. The whole concept of the show was ludicrous, too- they're fighter pilots and infantry! And none of the characters looked remotely hard enough to be soldiers.

Still, 'Who Monitors the Birds' was truly excellent. I'd buy that episode on DVD.

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