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I downloaded these a couple of weeks back and just started watching a few and its a bit of good fun. never really watched it as a kid because it was always on crappy ITV, but watching it now its rather enjoyable in a silly way.

Sadly the cgi has aged very badly in the first series. Theres lots of edges to polygons, especially on close up shots and its all rather bland, especially when they enter into a game, its all rather dull and boring, sorta reminds me of Hard Driving the way it looks. A quick look at later series shows it to look a lot better with better lighting and textures.

One thing about the first series is its a bit cringy with the way they talk, they are always saying stuff like 'i wish i copied and pasted that response before you got erased, delted, corrupted and i wish my ghz speed was better before i cut my next command line prompt overload.'

Still looking forward to getting towards the darker more adult series as i guess with the villans involved it could really shine.

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yeah i really liked it - it was good stuff.

Unfourtunatly they ended up cancelling it when it started getting really good. It sucks because the last series or two were great and were actually pretty mature (perhaps a little bit too mature..) and i remember finishing school and waiting for it (like i do now with 24 and Lost etc).

But yeah cITV thought it was too mature and not very suitable for kids so they scrapped it which resulted in the company pretty much cancelling them itselfs due to ITV being the #1 source of revenue from it.

Never did find out what happen to Bob..

EDIT: Are they all out on dvd?

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I was gutted with CITV cancelled it.  Downloaded the rest of the Season 3 last year and the two TV-movie things which were pretty damn good.  Shame they're not making anymore especially when the last movie ended I want to know what happened, dammit  :)

I was pretty annoyed by CITV cancelling it halfway through season 3 - which was basically the best it had ever been. I even wrote them a letter about my woe. It was a lot more edgier than normal kids television, and that's maybe why CITV were a little unsure about continuing with it - the first episode of Season 3 pays homage to Evil Dead 2, for chrissakes! I ended up getting someone to send me the rest of the series on VHS from the US, and lo - I was happy to see it end brilliantly.

Not seen those movies though, would love to.

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When you say it had 'mature' storylines, what do you mean exactly?

Did the robots start contemplating the futility of life as a machine? Did they start complaining about the lack of company pension schemes? Did they get Robot STDs? Did Reboot even have robots in it?

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