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Gut Wrenching Xbox 360 Brand Film

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I really dont know what to say. That isn't serious though. It must be a spoof. There's no way anyone can be so massively out of touch as to be able to piece together something so incredibly poor in both concept and execution.

It's just too cringworthy. my hands were clawing at my face trying to hide it from the pure embarrassment of it all.

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What the hell is the part with that hippy looking fellow about?

It's like "Stickers are funny to stick!!".

He looks like he's putting a sticker over the disc tray in that video aswell.

Also that footballer is playing on an original Xbox while talking about how he takes the "new xbox" everywhere with him.

I hope that everyone who had a hand in that video was promptly fired.

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After watching this, I turned my monitor off, clenched my fists and shed a small tear. I then sucked the previously mentioned tear back into my eye, stood up and stuck my head outside of my window. It was then that I unleashed an uninterrupted scream that lasted 32 minutes and 19 seconds, whilst shooting jets of blood from every orifice on my face. The jets travelled approximately 46 metres on to passers-by, who were promptly delivered a vision of the video through a physical manifestation of telekensis via my blood. Each of these unlucky people either vomited violently, set aflame or imploded instantly.

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i've just seen this elsewhere, and for the love of god, can someone confirm that this is a spoof? it's too long [and boring] to be shown on tv for a start.

it appears to be posted on the site as if it's a real advert. are ukresistance the types to go to this amount of work for a spoof [and more traffic to their site]?

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