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Most Graphically Impressive Amiga Game?

alan cummings

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Oh that?


From the company that churned out:


Blood Money


you get the picture... :D

FIRST... There was Menace.

NOW. Psygnosis presents

A DMA design game.


There-there-there's a whole lot more comin'....*yeah*.... Oi, you! Shut your mouth and look at my wad! etc

It was hardly Megablast, but good enough to stick in my head all these years ;)

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I thought super-putty was beautiful - the colours really burned into my brain as a young sprat.

Altough it was a pretty shit game Total Recall had some really nice sprites and animation. I'd love the look of that to be recycled some how.

And how about defender of the crown?

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X-out has, imho, some of the best designs ever (the first level especially). Like something from a yoko tsuno comic, with lots of shades of green and orange. Using only a few colors they managed to make it look like everything just fitted in... great stuff.

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Alien Breed 3D even though it's horribly dated now.

I'd love to see those levels running on a modern engine.

Stardust was amazing at the time, and Guardian (when the screen wasn't too busy) was impressive.

When Tean 17 visited bradford uni earlier this year, they have stated they have licenced the unreal 3 engine and IS working on alien breed 3D sequel. They have also stated they had enough of worms after doing the worm franchise for 10 years!

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Wow. Intresting news....I dunno if that'll work though.

Theres more then enough doom clones and Alien itself was fantasticly done by Monolith.

They really should Update Project X. Even today its graphics rival the likes of Gradius V.

Just a shame the gameplay doesn't.

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Alien breed 3D doesn't have to be a FPS. It could be a gears of war type 3rd person action game - if anything that would be truer to the original experience.

I suspect the aliens will not resemble xenomorphs quite so blatantly this time round. IP is much easier to protect now enemies are detailed bump mapped models rather than lumps of pixels.

And X was fucking awful. It was far too hard, and far too shit.

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Yeah i know, but graphically it was fantastic.

I can't honestly believe that Team 17 would struggle at making that bad.

Even thought they did the first time.

It was the inertia that always got on my nerves. Shit idea. And the enemys could soak up far too much damage before they died.

Apdiya was the best Amiga Gradius rip-off. It had three maggots on a dead rat for a boss. And a trout. :)

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What about the best demos, there were loads around on the Amiga. They would probably show its capabilities better than any comercial game.

Brian the Lion was like one big tech demo.

SHIT game, but my god it seemed to be like a SNES was operating the sodding thing.

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Most of these have already been said but for me a special mention goes to Flashback, Xenon II, Apidya, X-Out and I was impressed by the Lotus trilogy as well.

First Samurai and Turrican 2 were also good as was The Settlers and Syndicate.

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it had a unique sort of into-the-screen bit which used a graphic style I hadn't seen before.

Otherwise Unreal for its superb 3D and platform sections




I'll also back up Cinemaware, such unique style. Also Venus The Flytrap.



There's a disappointing lack of screens for an Amiga graphics thread.

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Monkey Island II




And the lemmings are brilliant sprites.

The thing with Lucasarts games was that the PC versions were definitely superior graphically (although the Amiga music pwned from above) so although I love them as games, I never really thought of them as Amiga classics, unlike the Cinemaware games (which were Ega on PC, if I remember right).

The amazing thing about the amiga was the sort of stuff it was chucking out in the mid/ late 80s, when all the competition it had was from Ega PCs and 8-bit consoles. I guess this is what made Beast, etc so gobsmacking.

By the early 90s, consoles and VGA were outpacing the Amiga, although the machine was still pumping stuff out that was impressive considering the age of the hardware.

I'd forgotten about that Venus Flytrap game - it is very pretty.

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