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Oh, and one more thing:

This is the result of when you incorrectly make a certain image for the Boss Mission during the Dengeki Cup - Shitloads of Polties, Kakwanes and Orvilles, combined with horrific music and Habirao.

Even I'm shocked that they've pulled off a Habiraoroll - I knew this mission was a piss-take of what everybody on PSU hates, but jesus christ - THIS IS TOO FAR!

EDIT: Oh, and ONE MORE THING [/apple]


The Master Classes are out on JP servers, and they're NOTHING like what people were expecting: Each master class gets a grand maximum of FOUR weapons, if not less:

Masterforce: Rods, TCSMs, Wands.

Fighmaster: Swords, Spears, Axes, Double Sabers

Gunmaster: Rifles, Shotguns, Laser Cannons, Twin Handguns

As mentioned, there's increased Skill levels and attack speed for these classes, but from early reports it sounds like the stats are not that hot, especially for the case of Masterforce. I'd still try out Fighmaster for a SPEED JABROGA.

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15? you'll be getting it to 20 - all this content is after the JPN class boost, which is why everyone's not too fussed about the master classes, as people are comparing between, say, FT20 compared to MF20.

Requirements are Wartecher @ 10, and Fortetecher @ 10.

Also: Oh fucking hell, they've changed HHIAT's name to 'The Egg Thieves'.


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Probably some form of prelude to what Masterforce actually is - a Force class that's focused primarily on Attack Techs.

Hence why Masterforces get level 50 Attack Techs, but only level 10 Support Techs. I just hope that the attack targets increase with the level 41+ techs, instead of just the fancy effects.

Then again, a level 41+ diga that causes slowdown on the PC because it's ACTUALLY JUPITER GUYS is going to be BRILLIANT on the 360. get in!

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I'd just like to play THE EGG THIEVES without having to resort to Universe 1/2, ta. Can't stay on for long, though - up until half 9, and that's my lot, Overtime tomorrow.

Found a new place to solo for Catilium - The first block of Tunnel Recapture S2. Every block variation has three crates that can drop Catilium, all within reach in one/two minutes, and that's on the hardest spawn - the uncommon variations allow you to waltz past the monsters and get to the crates within about 30 seconds of the mission.

been a bit unlucky so far - 2 Catilium, 28 Stelnium. Cunts!

Still, you can make a mint if you're persistant - because of the new Kubara weapons, Catilium prices have risen from 250k to about 400k, I'd say 380k for a quick sale. I think I'm going to save up my stash for my newly bought De Ragan Slayic board (3 million already!), and then just start making money.

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Galengire Lake, or whatever it is. I wouldn't bank on it being fast, though - I didn't even get one bit after about half an hour or more of restarts.

Speaking of fast:

I hope that's not just a dodgy video recording, and is actually the speed of FM. Anga Redda = OH SHIT! The only thing that would be more disgusting would be the second bit of Absolute dance.

EDIT: oh, and Gunmaster as well. Laser Cannons = DO WANT!

EDIT 2: And Rifles are just fucking EVIL with GM - at level 41+, they gain level 5 SEs, and reach 48% on the element you levelled.

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yeah, just hopped on there just now to see the Catilium prices, as I've been wheeling and dealing Kubara Weapons.

I first went and bought a Tyrant Spadac for 6.5 million, for a paltry 10% Ice 0/10. After using it for a while, I got bored of it, so I resold it for the same price.

Went back today, noticed it had sold, so I went into the shops. Ended up buying a De Ragan Slayic - however, this was 5.5 million, 26% Ground, and was grinded to 2/9!

It's also awesome because of the 'secret' attribute of it - it's got the 'Crea' attribute of being able to hit one more target than a normal sword, meaning you hit four targets instead of three! hopefully, that will increase to five when the April 11th update happens.

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There's some weapons that sport the 'Crea' trait of hitting one extra target on normal attacks, but are not necessarily Crea Weapons. Apparently, both the Slayic and Apocolypsic have an extra target each, and can be used by anyone. as well as that, Crea Doubles can be wielded by any race, Even though it actually *is* called a Crea.

Regardless, it's not going to mean anything if that's all chucked out of the window with the Sword update, could just make all Swords hit for four targets regardless of the sword. Wouldn't put it past SEGA TEAM.

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...Although I probably won't be on after said meet until the 25th, I just can't be bothered with it outside of bargain hunting the Kubara Weapons this thursday, or perhaps levelling Millia.

However, I might take on a new challenge - make Richard a FORTEGUNNER! Apparently, Beasts make fabulous Fortegunners - the ATA boost on FG puts beast accuracy in the category of 'Not shit' (although it was acceptable even as a Protranser!), while the HP and ATP bonuses benefit the class greatly.

Beasts with laser cannons after the update? DEATH MACHINE! In fact, I wonder what the ATA boost is on Gunmaster, Beast GMs with laser cannon palletes will be the new Chikki!

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I'll be on this Friday for sure, be good to have some buddies. Would like to try the new mission too, will try to get to 80 for then, so I can do an S run.

Also, guildwars sapping time. Will be on as much as I can be!

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Oh man, I'm actually hot for HSM S, mainly because of THE END.

or, for those who want to spoil themselves:

There's a box in the final room. if you break it, it triggers a MASSIVE EXPLOSION and kills everyone, guaranteed.

It's probably behind the mobs, so any cunt that uses Chikki will instantly fail the entire mission. In all: lulz.

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I shall be on, then. RIGHT NOW!

(currently delayed myself because of installing a new graphics card, apologies)

Edit: nobody on. Now watching benidorm. Nobs :-(

However, I did have a go with levelling Ranger - went and bought a few guns, and pegged it to Military Subway. racked up the C missions quite easily, with things going down in one of two hits of a Yohmei shotgun.

...one-hit KOing with a Yohmei shotgun. It doesn't get much better than this! Well, until the update happens and I can level some friggin' bullets.

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New JPN Content for April 10th: New Illusion Stage, and Neudaiz love-in!

Seasonal lobby

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom across Gurhal! Enjoy the scenery from April 10 until April24.


This time it's for Neudaiz. This GBR will be running from April 10 until May 08 with a drop boost bonus. The missions this time are:

* Hill of Spores

* Dancing Birds

* Sakura Warpath (new mission)

* Sacred Stream

* White Beast

New missions

Sakura Warpath (C-S2, Saguraki C.D. to Ohtoku City)

After the collapse of the Illuminus, some spies were revealed to be active within the Communion of Gurhal. Now they've armed themselves and taken refuge in the Saguraki C.D. Track down and suppress the rebels!

Fires of Illusion (C-S, random counter)

Following the discovery of Rykros, a mysterious cave has been spotted by eyewitnesses, appearing and disappearing all over Neudaiz. High nanotransformer activity has been detected in the area, but its cause is unknown...

New S2s

* Sakura Blast

* White Beast

* Hill of Spores

* Dancing Birds

* Sacred Stream

Enemy adjustments

Adjustments have been made to the following missions:

* The Black Nest

* Seal of the Dark God

* Maximum Attack G'

* Mad Creatures

* Plains Overlord

* Endrum Remnants

* Duel in the Ruins

* Scarred Planet

* Grove of Fanatics

* The Results of Ambition (story mission)

Item exchange mission

Electric Festival (Dagora GUARDIANS Branch)

Bring any extra Zon Drops and Zon Spheres you have from the Dengeki Mission Carnival to trade in for some interesting items! (This mission will contain some of the items from DMC's exchange mission.)

New items

* New Casino Voloyal items will be added to the exchange counter.

* Many new weapons, line shields and units will be added. Note that new units which will increase or decrease TECHNIC range affect only TECHNICs which fire in a straight line, i.e. Foie and Barta.

System change

Prices will now be color-coded in shops.

Blue: 100,000 - 999,999

Green: 1,000,000 - 9,999,999

Yellow: 10,000,000 and above

Universe consolidation

The number of universes will be reduced from 42 to 26.

White Beast S2? New-Old levelling spot confirmed!

No idea what's out this friday, though. Past caring tbh, I can happily play PSO: Blue Burst until MAG is out!

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