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Okay! So it's GViper goes on his first real hunt time!

Amure Tippy is the board, drops from a Rappy Igg, special variant of rappy on Dancing Birds S.

Henceforth I shall be on this for the rest of the week at least. help appreciated!

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Okay! So it's GViper goes on his first real hunt time!

Amure Tippy is the board, drops from a Rappy Igg, special variant of rappy on Dancing Birds S.

Henceforth I shall be on this for the rest of the week at least. help appreciated!

Oh christ, good luck with that - it appears to be the rarest thing in the game without exception.

I was hunting for Halarods on that very run - about 20 runs in total yielded a grand total of one Rappy Igg. Not only do you have that appearance rate to deal with, the Rappy Igg then has a 1/X chance of dropping the Amure Tippy board.

You'll need more than a week I think... Good luck though! I'll pop on for a few runs if I catch you on at some point.

Apologies for not really turning up much last night chaps - wasn't really in the mood, tired, grumpy, you name it! :blink:

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seems like there's no update this week - JP site has only listed the usual maintenence times for friday. cunts, *knew* I should have rented KuF:Circle of Doom from blockbuster while I was down the town.

Donk, are you taking the P-Wand board? I'm aching for money in-game, and those player shop prices are looking tempting!

Is anyone going to have a mission drive for the Van Brella and (although not my cup of tea) Love Inferno? I wouldn't mind a Van Brella. ella. ella. eh. eh. eh.

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From what I've heard you should be glad you didn't rent KuF:Circle of Doom. :)

I'll maybe log on again soon, but I've been a horrible psp addict with GoW and now Patapon and those games are taking priority over everything.

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Well, at least we're getting some good communication from Chillaura now, in the official PSU forums:

- There's no new content this week. However, they are skipping maintenence for this week because of this. Probably because of good friday as well.

- New content is planned for the 28th.

- Maximum Attack G is coming soon - the estimated time will be before the end of April. Site integration by SEGA TEAM!!!!1111111 is currently in progress.

Good to know, anyway. Might buy a Van Brella now (only a million for 0/9 VBs) and play some more COD4. Or whatever the hip, happening kids are playing these days. FORWARD THINKING!

(and then polish off the level cap when Mr. Shirtrip gets to level 90-odd, oh ho!)

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Just a little update regarding the update on the 28th - according to that chillaura fella, We should be getting the easter lobbies, as well as Her Hero Is A Thief, the party mission on Parum. and the party lobbies as well, so there's a quick shopping outlet in the East District.

If they've got any sense, they will release the S rank alongside it - not only does it provide an alternative to bruce for smaller parties (maximum is 4 players, and it's only a level 80 entry limit to S, which has lvl140 monsters), but there's also the bonus of decent Kubara Weaponry - De Ragan Slayic, Tyrant Spadac and Apocalypsic. All of which feature reasonable stats!

Edit: Hmm, I just found this rather handy site made by some random guy on PSO-World - it's a nice, very clean database that allows you to sift through the existing missions to see the drops, like an english Amesani. Except that Amesani doesn't exist any more, so this is the only (and luckily, best) mission list there is!


Most handy for figuring out where to solo next.

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I'M BACK and such.

I got bored of running that event mission over and over and left for a bit, but now I have return..ethed.

Found Forest of Illusion on my first go and picked up a million (4) Kotoha-senbas, so if anyone is looking for a semi-decent force armour, don't hesitate to ask for one.

Also if anyone wants to grab me for anything (other than Bruce's S because I'm not good enough to do it yet) please send me a mail. Although I realise since I haven't broken 100 yet everyone must hate me.

I am in fact going to hope that someone misses my birds chirping in the background and will want me to join with them purely for LOUD BIRD NOISES.

So, to summarise, invite me to parties.

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I've just bought a load of new games so PSU-time is very limited. Would it be a good idea to organise a session for Bruce S and other things where we can get as many people together as we can for a few hours over this Easter weekend?

PS Happy Easter lol.

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That would be great, I keep meaning to play more, but at the same time just think 'if i log on now, there'll only be one person on... if i'm lucky' so don't bother.

Having a few run times pre-determined would be great. I know Kiskio started playing PSU again today too, he was nagging me on msn earlier to go on when I was too busy being obsessed with Sega Superstars Tennis.

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Still no luck with the Love Inferno/Van Brella hunts. 5 WD Lovers and 3 Jaggo Delma. I thought it'd be a super way of making money, but damn them Jaggos are stingy.

I'm up for Bruces Secret Sex Dungeon anytime. If you set a time, they will come.

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That time should be alright for a party - I think it's the only day during this holiday that I'll not be out. maybe this evening as well, although that's still up in the air atm.

As for the game, I've been soloing with my force - finished up Acrotecher to 10 for a quick stat boost, and now I'm back on Force to get that to 10 for Fortetecher. Not going to FT straight away, mind - my DFP is way too low for any A-Rank armour, and I'd rather get to that point so I can dish out a Rod / Har/Quick combo so that FT is somewhat enjoyable.

Need to buy buffs, though - I don't think the usual Universe 1 crowd would be pleased with a techer that uses Megistrades for his buffs and then pegs it into some Jarbas.

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Just hopped on, nobody in sight for tonight's bumflaps. quite a few people on earlier though, so fair do's. Have to apologise for the lack of in-game replies, as I've decided to keep the USB keyboard on my PC until I bother with a wireless setup for it.

I'm sure that people will be on for HHIAT, though. lower requirements as well, so everyone can help me get a rainbow of De Ragan Slayics.

Right! *gets back to catching up on some ANIMUUUUU*

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I'm up for playing with you when I'm about, as your techers now in her 30s, and my protranser's 43, so we can run B ranks together to get you levelled then get stuck into A ranks. :lol:

Although I'm working 3-11pm all week this week so wont be on much. :(

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Here's a digest of the newly announced JP PS2/PC Update on thursday: http://pso-world.com/viewtopic.php?topic=1...orum=20&116

Event missions

Some new items will be added to the exchange mission "Dengeki Editorial Department." Going by the screen they're showing, looks like Electro Heart will be one of those items. Also, the mission "Do-or-die Spirit - Den" will be added back alongside "Do-or-die Spirit - Geki."

New battle types

Fighmaster, Gunmaster and Masterforce will be added!

* These three types will be able to equip only S-rank weapons and line shields. C, B and A weapons and line shields cannot be equipped. Units of all ranks can still be used, however.

* Due to the equipment restrictions of these three types, some missions cannot be cleared with a grade of S when soloed.

System updates

* The level cap will be increased to LV140.

* Some photon arts will cap out at LV50.

* Fighgunners' restrictions on machineguns, handguns and twin handguns will be upgraded from A to S.

* Wartechers' support TECHNIC level will increase from LV20 to LV30.

* Fortetechers' support TECHNIC level will increase from LV30 to LV40. They will also receive an increase in HP.

* Acrotechers' support TECHNIC level will increase from LV40 to LV50.

* Normal rifle bullets (non-photon art bullets) will receive a PP cost reduction.

* Gifoie, Gibarta, Gizonde, Gidiga, Nosdiga, Noszonde and Nosmegid will receive PP cost reductions.

Speculation is that the Master classes are literally locked to Striking, Ranged and Force weapons depending on what you pick. For example, Fortefighters are waving goodbye to their handguns if they switch to Fighmaster. However, if it does go that way....


Good to see Fighgunner getting a bit more meat to their ranged selection. makes them a lot more viable for melee class soloing after the death of Chikki.

Seems like a good update. No doubt 'scheduled' in for next year. Cheers, Sega Team.

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"Edward I am very curious why have you decided to cancel your subscription?"

"err...I don't really enjoy it any more and it costs too much."

"Did you complete all the levels?"

"... no."

"OK Edward I am not going to cancel your subscription immediately, I am going to give you 3 days FREE until the end of the billing period that you have already paid for!"

"Hey thanks man!"

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Friday's update has been confirmed - Her Hero Is A Thief (C-S ranks), Parum Recruitment Mission and Easter Lobbies, and that's your lot.

looks like I'll need three others about on friday to grind for 1337 kubara weapons. well, sell the first few boards for BIG MONEY, and then start making the bastard things. only level 80 characters required to join!

...probably get teabagged by go vahras, though.

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For the record






........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')................


..........''...\.......... _.·´........................


..............\.............\... ...................

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