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And now a message:

GIVE ME YOUR MONIES! Failing that, all your S rank crossbows and bows. And rifles. And wands when GTs get an upgrade. But mainly MONIES!

Sponsored by the Richard Hawk Association - No in-joke too small, no Israel too new

Rather sadly, I did decide to go back as Pirates of the Burning Seas has turned out to be a bit pap. Even worse was seeing 360 hours over 2 characters. That's two weeks solid of playtime. But no, even worserererer stuff was to follow. 5 minutes in, I already had a plan for what PAs I was going to level up some more. I hate myself sometimes.

Quite why you aren't discussing the in depth and well scripted online plot I don't know. I mean, we all know what Maya meant when she told Lumia, or whatever the hell the lolibaits name is, that "I'm going on a secret mission with Dave Shirtrip". Oh yes, massive elemental damage WAS involved. As well as some new shirts.

Rather pleased that no sooner do I sign up that I learn GTs are apparently being made a win button of the highest order. I mean christ, I'm already actually healing people of my level in one go, and I'm getting more TP? And level 30 attack techs? I'd swap the S rank wands for cards mind. Plus easier levelling for bullet PAs. Doesn't help the hours wasted on 21+ ground, lightening and dark crossbow shot, but there we go. Especially as mere mention of the word status seems to cause stuff to burn nowadays.

I was all ready to congratulate Richard on his levels and his hard earned collecton of Linear Lines, but I did this mission involving a raft and a flying bug thing as a boss. On A. And got a S rank for it. Over 100 mission points. Easy mode, the lot of you. There is only one thing you can do to make up for this. That's right.


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*Gives 1 meseta*

[edit] I'm skint, Fenix owes me 3mil and I spent all my money on a spear that looks like a health and safety hazard.

Hello there - what level are you, roughly, at the moment? Next time I'm on I'll have a dig around and see if I can find anything that might be useful to you. Might have a wand or two, or something.

Siri's not stopped talking about you since you rejoined. Granted I've only spoken to him once, but he didn't stop. "Moodmon this. Moodmon that. Give me and Moodmon all your monies."


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I'm not actually poor, it's just the done thing to ask for monies round here. Well, that's what Siri told me to do. And he's an honest, upstanding italian, who am I to argue? I sold some various power unit before I quit, so I think I have between 3-5 mill lying around. I don't know if that's good for a level 67 Guntecher, but I'll take it.

Christ knows why he keeps going on about me. He disowned me to play with all you lot, and spends most of the day grooming his beard and giving away random rappy suits. I keep asking him what these Mr Magoo things are like for casting magic and stuff. But he's a soulless fighter. So he doesn't know. Too busy not levelling me up for shits and giggles, and trying to chat up the girls at the casino.

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Tech Mags are amazing for casting, fast even compared to Wands. Maybe not so useful for a Guntecher, as personally I'd rather have another crossbow/card than another casting device.

We'll have to run some Train Rescue S2 to find you some S rank Crossbows sometime.

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Disowned? YOU, Mr. Shirtrip, was the one who handed in his Guardian's License a month before 1UP. Cock and balls to you, sir!

And don't get me started about levelling - I asked you to scan THE INTERNETS for missions that involved level 90 monsters, and you came up with Caves of Ice S, complete with discussion about how much you wanted to be in Lumia's knickers. What are you, Hank? I MEAN REALLY GUYZ FUCK THIS LET'S PLAY CATAN.

Welcome back, mood. hugs <3

No hugs for PSU itself, though. Not only does Sega Team fail to bring any updates to 360, they also fail at bringing a working update for the PC/PS2 side:

Long story short: Buy a new item from the trade mission (PM Fighroll, a food for massive PM damage), log out, and log in to find your whole inventory missing. Fantastic!

Trojan Horse to make the remaining PC/PS2 players switch to our lovely community, clearly. In fact, I don't see why they wouldn't switch right now, considering the platform is filled with a balanced economy, kind players that will bend over backwards to help you, and absolutely no game-breaking gitc.... oh wait.

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Long story short: Buy a new item from the trade mission (PM Fighroll, a food for massive PM damage), log out, and log in to find your whole inventory missing. Fantastic!

Oh jesus. Is the 360 server unaffected by all this?

Anyway. Is it Parum World Tour this weekend or, er, not?

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Been looking at what on earth I can run with Siri to get him to decent levels (applies to Shirtrip and possibly Albert as well) with the most effective EXP rates, taking into consideration the EXP cutoff and the New mission bonuses. It's not looking good!

Mission, level required, Monster level

Fight For Food S2 - 60, 80

Unsafe Passage S2 - 60, 80

Seed Awakened S - 60, 90 (+ Dulk Fakis)

Rogues' Shortcut S2 - 60, 85

Stolen Weapon S2 - 50, 85 (+ Maggas?)

Cost Of Research S2 - 50, 90 (+ Zoul Goug)

Forest Infiltration S2 - 60, 85 (+ Degahna)

Forested Islands S2 - 65, 90

Her Secret Mission A - 60, 85 (+ lol party mission)

Crimson Beast S2 - 60, 85 (+ De Ragan)

Electronic Brain A - 60, 95 (+ Mother Brain, better for EXP when level 65)

Lightning Beasts S - 60, 90 (according to PSO-World, thought it was lv105?)

The Mad Beasts S - 55, 90

Of course, none of them are hotspots atm, so nobody is running the fucking things. CUNTS!

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yeah, 8pm is alright. Happy to go on either parties.

Been trying to level with the help of Marc and Ruby, went up a level after three or so runs. Seed Awakened is a right nob to go through mind. Oh, and Lightning Beasts S is definately a level 105 monster mission, so that can be thrown out of the window.

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Speaking of said RAR (Svaltus Sword), it's in the oven right now - I chanced upon a Svaltus Edge in the morning for 600k, which was the only Ingredient needed. It's going to be Light element for authenticity purposes, so I'm going to have to feed my light Kan Yu to my PM. In front of Marc.

So, what to do while I wait for it? well, personally, I made a...

well, a..... erm....

....Female newman techer.

*everybody in thread falls out of their wheelchair*

The EXP rate increase makes the early stages much less painful. only got 5 spells on her compared to Karin, but I'm actually relying on them to get through Colony. I'm also using Zonde more than Diga, if only because on a madoog it can blast through waves of enemies and boxes. Diga's slower, but as it's on a wand it's one-hit-killing everything, so it's good for sendillians that piss me off.

also, newsflash: Awesome rod buff is awesome. And I'd do Yokus Melton in the mouth.


*pushes Laia Martinez down a hill*

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Don't push her down a hill, what if there's a bump that makes her fall out of her wheelchair?

And yeah, the rod buff is awesome, but I advise not using rods til you're higher levelled, because you have to cast more with wands and madoogs, meaning that you level your spells more. :lol:

When you get to level 40 you can play with my Protranser. :)

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For the moment, I'm using Rods so I can up my power output (aka. one-hitting Bal Soza in the face for sexy EXP) - however, I probably will switch over to Madoog/Wand combos once I hit Fortetecher. Mainly because apart from one Howrod, Wands and Mags are the only casting tools I have that are 9*.

...Strangely, Diga has already got to level 5, compared to my other techs being level 1-3, mainly because I've been forced to spam it against those fucking Grass Assasins at the end of Scarred Planet. I'm already tempted to earn those 15 more PA frags and spunking it all on Nosdiga instead of Tornado Dance. Oh, Tornado Dance, when will I be bothered to get you?

Magic 8-Ball says: LOL

EDIT: Oh, and the Svaltus Sword came out - 38% Light. Not bad at all, and the stats are quite comparable to a Kan Yu.

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Minutes from Parum World Tour

- Nothing good dropped for us all night except for a Svaltus Sword

- Twin Boma Duranga destroys any dragon-based enemies

- I like Bacon. I also couldn't talk to anyone for the first half of the tour so communicated solely through messages in morse code in the mission descriptions

- Hay guys? Guys?

Also, Laia Martinez Wheelchair Racing due out Fall 2008, only on Nintendo DS. 'Mrrrrrh!'

(and something random from the meet we had during the start of the Winter Event :D )

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That kind of stuff makes me insanely jealous. Unfortunately, someone needs to pump the flea-ridden cesspool that is Cradley full of antibiotics, methadone, and enough laxative to send a tramp to the toilet for a week, on a weekend. You need more midweek Moa(to)b(e) magic in your life.

And by midweek, I mean when I'm on holiday, or not at work at 6:30 in the morning. In fact, I find the fact you people aren't now designing you PSU playing times around me completely and utterly unacceptable. As such, I shall punish you all with a picture of the real life Richard Hawk


[beardo Dunga lvl 40 - 174% atk - chance to stun and molest young children]

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What happened to the 'more tomorrow' jazz, Donk? Only people on in the end was Tokky and his missus, but then they bolted and all that's left on the partner card list was some cunt called Shirley Riptits or something.

whenever he talks he says something about wheat. nob.

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2 Bil De Axe boards, 5 Viper boards, 2 Crimson boards, 17 Booma Claws... Yeah, guess what mission we got.

EDIT: Oh yeah lol the real reason I popped in:

February 29th Update:

New field

A new field, Dark Ryucross, is being added.

New story mission

"Prayer of the Holy Light," Chapter 3 of Episode 3 is being released. After the New Rogues and GUARDIANS have come to an agreement, word comes in that a gigantic HIVE has just been discovered. Laia quickly heads back to HQ...

New free mission

"Nest of Darkness" C-S

A planet-sized HIVE has been discovered orbiting the three planets of Gurhal. According to an investigative force sent in beforehand, dangerous zones in the area can be identified by a reaction on your radar. Use your radar to track down and destroy the Zasharogan.

New field lobby

A new filed lobby will be added: Dark Ryucross.

Mission updates

"The Collector" will receive an update with new items including PM growth accelerators.

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watch as Kubiri-Hiken prices plummet further! Other than that, much ado about nothing, unless they stealth-add the character rebalances. doubtful, but hey.

Any idea what the story mission can deal out? I still need to run through everything with Richard, mainly so I can nab rarz from missions. It's just a case of grabbing a guide for the shitty puzzle sequences. and using the D-pad down and A button trick to get through the shitty dialoguMURRH

*gets pushed off his wheelchair by mood*

EDIT: actually, HANG THE FUCK ON - Arza Gabot, the 9* Tenora Twin Claws, drops there. DO WANT!

Vish Kuseb should be easily obtainable from A-Rank missions, to boot.

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JP Balance update is now in, and it's awesome.

GT lv20 TP 104% -> 140%!

(WT lv20 132% and fT lv20 170%)

Level 40 bullets:

Laser cannon: 23% -> 45% element

Rifle 33% -> 40% element

Att:180% -> 200% and 175% -> 195%

Hit: 75% -> 85%

Laser elemental bullets = LOLLERCIDE! Apparently, bullet elements for laser cannons now start at 30%, gets to 40% at level 21+, and 45 from 31+. Rifles are still shit-hot though, and Rifles now get knockdown. WHHHHHHHHHAT? [/liljohn] There's already pictures of cannons raping Kakwanes for 2k a fucking hit!

apparently, all skills/technics/bullets have increased in levelling speed. Swords hit four targets as standard, with Gravity Break levelling faster AND hits three targets on the last hit. Chikki is now 16PP, but the damage is the same as a level 15-ish Choutou.

In all: GIB NAO! anyone on tonight?

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