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Phantasy Star Universe - XBox 360


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I really think it's only a temporary quit. I guess we've just got used to the content being new and fresh every now and then (finally!) and now it's all dried up it's easy to get jaded.

That and we don't like you (may not be true).

We will be back on Friday 09 February. If you're subscribing before then and need someone to show you around though, give me a shout and I'll happily come on for a bit :P

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Yeah, It's now concrete that I'll be back when the update hits - If I play it any longer I'll burn out, and it will all be for nothing when the new drop rates occur and ready-made Needle Cannons start dropping like it's going out of fashion. Remember my obsession for Huge Cutters? ;p

That, and games have come through the post for the first time since... last year, I think. It's just like christmas!

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Hmm, it turns out that the bug mentioned in the Title Update delay might not be down to the grinder glitch fix - Instead, it might be a glitch that hit the JPN servers with their most recent update, which causes several Weapon Glitches - One involving the W'gangac wand turning into a 13-star Kubara Wand! Also, this includes the performance of that one Wand that gets to 999 TP when grinded to 10.

Hopefully, because the JPN fix is in, the update will be a piece of piss on the 360 and it's already up for validation. At least I hope so, anyway.

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Ive read about the Prestoc thing - the 999TP wand - but I wouldn't have expected it to have much to do with the title update. Got a source for that young man?

I'm guessing there's a load of stuff that will be fixed with the title update but unfortunately they're being a bit slow on updating people about it so instead there's just rampant speculation on the official forums.

Mostly cretins. Who'd have thought!

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I've got Lost odyssey as well, and it's lovely. I'll still be popping on PSU but probably won't do any runs until the update when I'll be whoring all the older missions that I've never really done.

I got ForteGunner up to 15 from the winter event so I'm happy. I need to get Hunter up next so that I can do some of those sort of classes.

I'm going to have a bash at getting PSO GC working on schthack for shits and giggles, provided my Gamecube turns up (I sold my original chipped one last year).

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Stealth mode though.

Thought as much.

I've been on PGR4 and Guitar Hero 2 - both decent, a fair bit of fun but such letdowns compared to the games they succeeded. Boo.

I'd be all over Rez like a rash but I can't afford the points at the moment which is mildly irritating. Once I can though, that's straight on my must buy list even though I played a huge amount of it on the Dreamcast...

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Bad News: The Update isn't coming until the 15th February.

Good News: Sonic Team has rejigged the schedule, and the Drop Rates are coming on friday!

The Title Update has been resubmitted for certification and hopefully be ready for maintenance Feb. 15. Sonic Team has changed the schedule to bring us the parts of the content update that are not dependent on the T.U.

Xbox 360 Content update for Feb. 8 2008.

* Season Limited Event "Valentine Lobby"

* Story Mission Episode 3 Chapter 2: Restorations

* Item Exchange Mission

* New AOTI Items

* Game Balance Updates

The other announced content will be released soon.

<Season Limited Event>

Valentine Lobby

From Feb. 8 2008 to Mar. 7 2008

Love is in the air as Valentine's Day hits the Gurhal System with very special decorations! Take this time to find that special Guardian you've been thinking of and tell them how you feel. Keep an eye out for a special rare enemy who may be carrying a heart warming surprise.

<Story Mission Episode 3 Chapter 2: Restorations>

Under the new president, the GUARDIANS have been reformed and have started working to improve the relationships with the leaders of the other planets. However, a trip to Moatoob is required to assist the faltering Trade Alliance's recovery from the devastation of the SEED outbreaks.

Mission Counter: GUARDIANS Colony Clyez City 5F

<Item Exchange Mission>

Yokus Melton is the proprietor of the café in the West district of Parum. If you bring Yokus the items that she collects, she will trade you rare items in return -- and you can also check her tips about where to find rare materials. Please stop by Melton's shop! Even original PSU users can exchange items for some rare items.

Mission Counter: Café at Holtes City: West Parum

<Items AOTI Only>

Color variations (for Human, Newman and Beast) and CV parts (for CAST) are available in each shop.

New My Room items are now available in the variety shop and for exchange in the Casino. Some existing Casino items will no longer be available, but will return in rotation.

<Gameplay Update>

Meseta Drop Rules update:

Calculations for sharing dropped meseta for party will be changed so that meseta will not be received by users in the city or lobbies outside the mission. Meseta will be given only to party members in the mission.

Item drop rate of PSU enemies changed to the same rate as AOTI:

The original PSU missions will be updated to have the same drop rate as Ambition of the Illuminus.

Drop items from enemies in AOTI missions:

Some dropped items from enemies in the Ambition of the Illuminus missions will be changed.

Increased rare material drop rate from normal containers:

The rare material drop rate for containers has been increased for missions with enemies over level 125.


why they can't just do it now, I'll never know. nm! *plays lost Odyssey*

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I'll be on for the World Tour, but I'm going to be all over the droprate starting Friday afternoon. Going to have to wade in with six slicers all armed with Chikki on a random Soloing Crusade.

Either that, or pick up 83472084925493 2-Headed Ragnus boards from Mad Creatures ;p

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I'll take Vahra Claws. a pair outside of the pallette, whenever I want to make simple gestures.

one vahra claw swing for yes, two vahra swings for no, three for GIB MOAR KAN YU.

Hey, works for the dole line!


In fact, I might log in RIGHT NOW and see how much Vahra Claw boards are going for. That, or more Kan Yu. Wish Sonic Team would hurry up and liquify Glitcher's assets in their 999999999-meseta showrooms so I can buy a few for 1 meseta ;p

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Well, the drop rates has changed apparently - Did one, ONE run of De Ragan S2 on a solo crusade for whatever, and ended up with a Storm!

It's in the oven right now, although I was more looking forward to a good striking weapon. Quite a pleasant run as well, using Richard's 1337-ness to mow everything down for once!

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When all that madness was going on I'd read you guys getting loads on the cheap but then whenever I went on myself the price had always shot up. So each time I waited a bit to see if it would go back down, but it never did.

I didn't think you could trade casino items though?

Just looked on PSUpedia and it says that. I had no trouble at all though. Just bought it at the counter and traded straight away... :)

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The board is out? HOT DAMN!

also, GBR is 'activated', but it seems to be bugged without the title update - it doesn't save your records of completing missions, nor is there any specific help in the form of the counter that's on the fourth floor of Clyez.

nm, back to ragan hunting!

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Is the bonus confirmed? I thought it would have been drop rate, but the glitched GBR stated the much-rumoured PA EXP boosts to be in effect.

In other news: the Voloyal Set makes your female characters look like MASSIVE WHORES. Fantastic!

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