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Phantasy Star Universe - XBox 360


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  • 9 months later...

To be honest, it's not like it's a huge ballache to change region on the XBone or PC App these days.


At the very least, it's a hell of a lot easier than the Japanese essay you have to fill out for a Sega ID. I still don't comprehend the mountain of steps needed to pipe money to Sega for the f2p shenanigans in it.


Y'know, about half a decade ago.

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Clementine does seem to be vastly improved since I last played - My Room stuff seems to be fully featured instead of straight up crashing.


I still don't quite understand controller settings outside of using Steam Controller/Joy2key, mind. I would have thought an xinput thing would be enabled somewhere, but I guess it wasn't really the era for it.

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I just plugged a 360 pad in, chose Option 2 for the layout, and it feels pretty close to the 360 version.


Clementine feels a bit like a PSU beta - synthing doesn't work, drop tables are all over the place and the leveling/balance doesn't feel quite right, but have to admit I'm having loads of fun playing it again. I think I like the way PSU looks and sounds more than how it plays - booting the game for the first time and hearing the title music brought back a lot of good memories, and it's amazing how much of the maps you remember even this long after playing. I had forgotten just how bad Protranser is at level 1 though, was pretty funny suddenly being unable to equip (or hit) anything. Leveling up and gradually being able to use B/A rank gear has been really satisfying even if any other class is putting my damage output to shame.


Downsides are that the community has centered around a couple of missions, much like the old White Beast days - so if you want a group with randoms it's there or don't bother.


But when it all comes together, it's glorious. We had a group of six for a session recently with a Protranser, an Acrotecher and some DPS classes and it felt absolutely brilliant.


Well worth a crack if you have the itch.

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Had another go - I was convinced that the game was relying on directinput, maybe I need to look back at xinput - I tried option 2, but it made my right stick go haywire, so I got rid of camera controls. Outside of that and missing a button, it works pretty well.


Enough that I got lost in the game again for a short while. And forgot to lock my party, so people popped in and said horrible things like 'yoo'. He left immediately when I responded, although he was lagging all over the place. Maybe my connection?


I'm not entirely sure if they're getting around synth drops by just making whole weapons drop instead. It would make the materials useless, but I guess that's why they're making the JP technics/skills a money sink for the minute.


I guess the thing about partying and communities now is that discord and Reddit exists now for immediate LFG stuff. Tbh, I know some of the old gang are on a Discord channel for Path of Exile stuff (me, mood, Willei and Marcface).

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We should play: PHANTASY STAR UNIVERSE together


Weapons do drop pre-made - I've had a few 50% things pretty easy, though the four (!) Carriguine-Rucar that dropped were all a bit average. Apparently synthing is on the list of things to fix so all the materials are, at the moment, merely JUNCK (for selling to the NPC).


Discord does definitely help with comms, though trading seems to be just as difficult as ever.


Can you invite me to your PoE Discord? I was reading through the thread earlier and was wondering how some of the guys were doing.

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So, uh, we've been playing on Clementine for a little while.


It's been an overall positive experience - most people on the server are schthack levels of friendly/mental, things still feel like a melting pot in terms of balance and there's plenty that's functional now.


They've recently put in Protectors K as an event, which has some neat 'choose your own grind' aspects and even a jukebox so you're not listening to the same music for a month. They've also implemented limit break for single-hit technics (Diga and Foie) while they figure out a good way to implement GAS. as a result along with a temporary boost to PA levelling, everyone is now a techer.



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Yeah, PC and XBox should be crossplay on the western release, at the very least between the XBox version and the Windows 10 Store version. I'm guessing any Steam version would have to go through a couple of hoops (like registering to the PSO2 website) before crossplay, like how Shift integration on Borderlands 3 works between Steam and Epic Store versions.

Japanese server currently has PC, PS4, Vita and Switch on the go under the same Sega account, so it's one of the things the game has grown into supporting quite well.

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