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PopCap deals are go.

Bejeweled Blitz 800 > 200

Bejeweled 2 800 > 400

Peggle 800 > 400

Peggle Nights 400 > 200

Plants vs. Zombies 1200 > 600

Feeding Frenzy 400 > 200

Feeding Frenzy 2 800 > 400

Zuma 400 > 200

Heavy Weapon 800 > 400

EDIT: Damnit, The Sarge. I should've known better :lol:

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Bejewelled Blitz also has a far superior control scheme (to facilitate the 60 second gameplay).

Be warned though there's a bug they never bothered their arses to fix - if you have a full friends list your rank will reset and never go up.

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I just remembered something I saw during E3 which I don't think has been mentioned in this thread, or most news sites for that matter.

Do you remember Quarrel, the rather promising looking Risk and Scrabble mashup Denki were going to put out on XBLA put couldn't find a publisher for? Well it's resurfaced under the wing of Ignition, supposedly coming to iOS this Summer and both consoles at some point after that.

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Any tips for Blitz or is it very much just make a move and hope for the best? But quickly.

Keep your speed multiplier up (remember that subsequent chains don't count). Keep a look out for 4 and 5 chains and focus on getting your score multiplier up to at least x5.

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Oh fuck, Bejeweled Blitz is amazing in Twist mode.

I was getting a bit bored of classic because it's all luck, really, but in Twist you make your own luck and it's about a million times better. Luck still plays a part, but everything feels so much less random, and it's so much more about spotting patterns. It controls loads better as well.

200 points bloody well spent.

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Be rude not to get Blitz at that price, I (I'm ashamed to admit) wasted far too many hours on the Facebook version. May as well finally get the Peggle Nights DLC too. Let the addiction come back. :(

Feel free to add me for some Blitz high scores and the like! JayDewhirst is my gamertag. :)

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European release date for Trenched has been delayed according to MrPointyHead on Twitter. No reason given, and no new release date confirmed, but it'll be 'as soon as possible'.

Not soon enough, if you ask me!

I'd really like to know what these "unexpected challenges with distribution" are. MS have started to give the PS monkey a run for its money recently, it's a sad sight. :(

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There's a sale on select Sonic content on Live at the moment,

Sonic 1 - 240msp

Sonic 2 - 240msp

Sonic 3 - 240msp

Sonic & Knuckles - 120msp

Sonic Adventure - 400msp

Sonic Adventure DX Upgrade - 240msp

SONIC 4 Episode I - 800msp

Sonic & Sega Racing Metal Sonic & Death Egg Zone - 320msp


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