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I quite like that little Everybodys Golf rip off theyve put on there!

i'll buy it soon.

I'm with you there Goatman, only played once but thought it was good fun, couple more tries before I take the plunge I reckon, as I have 1200 points sitting on my account and don't think there is any must haves coming up for a while is there?

Whoever is in charge of XBLA, can we have Space Channel 5 part 1 and 2 plz thx?

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Right, I got meself some points from Tesco Jersey, so when they arrive I'm gonna get Rez (again), Geometry Wars, SotN I'll have a go at the demo for Marble Blast Ultra in a minute or two.


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And, er, Double D Dodgeball... :lol:

In other news, I only just read about the "Still Alive" news - I'll be all over it if it's more like Portal's main game and less like it's challenges; narrative/context ftw.

I don't know why this is going to appear as an arcade title rather than extra Orange Box content for DL? Why not both? I don't want to pay for the full game as well as the extra stuff when I still already have it.

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YES! I still occasionally fire up my old chipped xbox 1 to play it. The friend I most often play games with doesn't like it though, the idiot.

No 3d graphical overhauls or anything, just some online play and release it for 400 pts.

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Games announced for the next 4-6 weeks for Xbox Live Arcade

During our guided demo of Microsoft's upcoming stable of XBLA games, Microsoft's Scott Austin informed us that all the games on display would be available in the next four to six weeks on Xbox Live Arcade. All of 'em. If you've been reading the impressions on Joystiq, you'll know that this a reason to be excited. For the record, the XBLA games being shown by Microsoft are:

* Bionic Commando Rearmed

* Castle Crashers

* Galaga Legions

* Braid

* Geometry Wars 2


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