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Phantasy Star Universe [PC/PS2]

Gorf King

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Hideously stupid question here. Do I actually have to leave the house to buy a disc to play the PC version of this? I can't find an option to download the client, but all the logic glands in my body are shouting "That can't be right, old bean".

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Was ace tonight. I've just done a spot of shopping and grinding too, so I have my first B rank weapon to wield next time.

Cheers to all who braved that ridiculous mission. Fun times. :P

Lab Creatures B was truly :) followed by :P then ;) giving way to B) .

Oh! It was so brilliant last night.

Shall we do the same again tonight?

Let's do the same again, tonight.

:D This be that there sarcasm, right?

On about 8-ish.

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Its great Cottem, you fool. Can you not remember the joy of Endless Nightmare 4 on PSO - loads of rock hard monsters that spawn and spawn and spawn.

Anyway, it was good. Me, (Bad) Monty and Tilda went to Neudiaz after that excitement for a nice chilled out end to the evening (and Monty was on top comedy form too!).

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