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Phantasy Star Universe [PC/PS2]

Gorf King

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that was fun guys. I would have been more helpful if I had a keyboard.

Few questions though-

How did that guy whoever it was know who had luck?

why did that jerk lol at me for being a beast?

Anyone on today?

Maybe we should split into teams for playing styles? Like I am very eager and know my way around the game.

actually it doesnt matter, everyones new really.

Also token must really put a shirt on.

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New pics are up:


73% full already! We're blatently gonna run out of space before the month is out.

Is it not unlimited space ala Gmail? Prehaps we'll have to jpg everything up then seeing as they are smaller.

Rubbish ^_^

Sizes are around,

BMPs: 3mb

PNGs: 1.1mb

JPGs: 88kb

You fancy a little chat and a wander about in a bit Panda?

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Is it not unlimited space ala Gmail? Prehaps we'll have to jpg everything up then seeing as they are smaller. Rubbish ^_^

Whoa! You have used up 100% of your uploads for this month!

"When you have a free Flickr account, you can upload 20MB worth of photos each calendar month. This is a bandwidth limit, and not an amount of space that you have to play with on Flickr servers. Your bandwidth allowance is reset to zero at midnight in Pacific Time Zone (Flickr HQ time) on the first of each calendar month. Deleting photos will never recover any of your monthly upload limit. To find out what your limit is at for the current month, go to your upload page. If you find yourself hitting your limit, you might like to get a Pro account. If that's not for you, you can shoot your photos at a lower resolution or resize them to be more "web-friendly" (like 300KB instead of 5MB)."

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The hat system in this is BALLS! Why the hell are hats/accessories part of your haircut?! And as such, can't be removed/swapped unless you want to go pay another 5 grand? I bought this one on a whim and now realise there's no clothing in the game that'll actually go with it (there's also hardly any clothing in the game) ^_^


Now i've gotta save up for another one...

Oh, and that black lipstick? 1000 sodding meseta. Damn you sega!

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Jow comes I haven't ,et nayone yet? :)

because you're a lousy drunk.

(there's also hardly any clothing in the game)

are you aware each planets clothes shop sells different things? there isn't that much clothing though, no. hopefully theyll release ridiculous special clothes from time to time?

Dunno where everyone is getting that much meseta anyway, I've spent all mine on weapons and techs and mates and moons.

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Man, why is everything in this game such a pain in the arse? Seeing as it's my lucky day (3* again bitches) I thought I'd do some grinding.

I'm gonna post a little guide because things are just quite long-winded in this. I'm thinking maybe a "PSU Guides" thread should be started because although the information is out there, it doesn't really piece it all together for you.

Grinding Guide

To grind you'll need:

Grinding Materials

Grinding Board

A Weapon

Grinding Boards & Materials can all be bought from a Synthesis shop (purple shop). I found I had the materials but not the board so I bought a few (player shops where useless in finding these). Insert board into the PM, materials in storage:


This is a C Grinder board for grinding C rank weapons. The success rate is ???% as it will create a grinder from anywhere between Grinder C to Grinder C+10.


As you can see my PM created me a Grinder C+2. Be aware this grinder is not the same as the Digrinder from PSO. It is mearly a measurement of success of the grind. Now I wanted to grind my Dalteri bow which is made by "Yohmei Corp" so I have to go to the Yohmei Shop on the planet Neudaiz. Remember: 3 planets, 3 shops for 3 manufacturers.

Go to the Weapon Upgrade counter and they will warn you that the weapon can break. Click "I agree" and select your weapon (make sure it is not equipped on the weapon palette).

Now consult the Weapon Grinding Tables at PSUpedia.

The tables are split by luck level and weapon class. Choose the correct table and then read off which grind you are doing on your weapon and the grinder level of your item. As you can see the first grind on a weapon is always guaranteed no matter what your luck level or which level of grinder you use. The grinder level will matter much more when grinding at the higher end of the scale.

Example: (luck level 3/ C weapon) Grinding a weapon from 7->8 really requires a Grinder C+9 or C+10 as those are the only ones that give a "High" change of success. My Grinder C+2 is all but useless as it only gives a "Low" change of success.

Anyway, here is my grinded weapon from this afternoon.


The second line shows the manufacturer, and the (4) is the level I have grinded the weapon to.

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