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Phantasy Star Universe [PC/PS2]

Gorf King

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EDIT Nov 2006


Forum name - PSU main character name

Gorf King - Mike Dracula Snr

Sabreman - Ryecatcher

Devdas - Shuuro

Pungee - Aykroyd

Totoro - Nano (possibly deceased)

MW Jimmy - MW_Juliet

acidbearboy - Mufeta

Hyper P - Hyper P

Lord Monty II - Monty!

Corleth the Fey - Corletha

Beth - Bethany

Terria - Kri

Melon Bread - Hickory

suzakuseven - Myrith

MalevolentPanda - Waffle

chris on the moon - parable apple

meanface - Meanface

acid's PSU flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/psurllmuk/


It's not long now (well, Feb in Japan anyway), and my interest is being mildly piqued. Perhaps it was the mention by Sabreman of his acquiring the theme song, or maybe it was the shock to the system brought about by Eve's 24hr DT, but I find myself wanting to discover what's going on in ST's labs and who's still interested in tackling the mutants that issue therefrom next year.

I've had a look at PSOW's stuff, and things seem to be shaping up tolerably well from what I can see. Not sure about the changes to the mags, and I'm saddened by the final loss of true offline mode (although inevitable given server-side saving, that was one of the things that, for me, made PSO unique), but overall I have to say I'm looking forward to the simplicity of the PSO experience being revitalised by this. If it plays in the 'antiquated console interface' way (i.e. best via joypad - which it will of course), I'll be a very happy man; some of those bright, manga-lite stylings also give me room for positivity. But...in these days when 'true', ostensibly non-arcade MMORPGs have succeeded in gaining (relative) popularity on computer and console alike, has the time passed for Naka's dream? Is there anything in Sonic Team's vision that can tempt people back from <insert timesink of choice here>, or are we who still look forward to this simply living in the past?

So, I thought I'd make a thread that selfishly asked for any scraps of new, tantalising info people might have that aren't included in the PSOW thread (Sabe - I'm ready for the shock of the wonderful new theme - linkage, plz), and to get an idea of who's going to be in for this, and who's finally given up altogether on the notion of the true console MMORPG experience. The countdown has started now, in my heart - either to the launch of the New Best Thing Ever, or to its final, dystopian demise.

So whaddya know? And, perhaps most importantly, whaddya think?

One thing I do know so far is that the boxart looks absolutely, devastatingly, awful:


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or are we who still look forward to this simply living in the past?

Probably. I'm still confident of this being the best thing ever though.

I can't wait for PSU. If it turns out to be anything less than amazing, I'll eat my pointy FOnewm hat.

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As you well know I'm pretty confident in this actually being the second best thing ever (the first being PSO, of course). Yes, I too hope it plays the same way on the basic level. I'm just wanting more in terms of levels and size and optional fiddly bits - and it looks like we'll certainly be getting it. Blue Burst suffered from coming along far too late, and drip-feeding it's more essential features (can you believe Episode 2 CMode has just recently been added).

I don't think it can possibly beat the memories of PSO or the atmosphere and community that sprang up from it, because for a lot of us PSO was our first true taste of online gaming - and it was a damn good one to boot. I'm hoping for something gripping yet pick-up-and-play, and I'm looking forward very much to more of the breathless excitement PSO delivered.

I'm not sure how it will fare against the current luminaries of the MMORPG world, but hopefully it's different, light and fun enough to carve out it's own place and keep a thriving community.

PSO World has it's own content area up now, which I've been following eagerly since it's inception. There's a heck of a lot of information there to absorb:


And here's that wonderfully bad theme song for you, Gorfy:


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I know I said I was ready for that...but I wasn't. Jesus.

Were all getting the PC version right??

For me, it'll be PC + joypad. I would prefer, lack of resolution and possibly framerate aside, to be playing it on a TV; but since I've no network adapter for the PS2 and a perfectly serviceable piece of junk here that does nothing but run Eve at the moment and no other use for a network adapter, I'll be taking the cheaper option.

Of course the real dilemma is whether I go back to meeleing or not - I'm so used to being a spellcasting engine of ultimate doom now...

Y'know, all those skits about forces...I just knew they were envy all along. Anyway, haven't classes been scrapped and races been changed so that the newman is now essentially the force class in PSU - weakest melee and def but highest mental ability? :D So if you want that fetching garb (eyepatch optional, surely?) you'll be assured of PST (or PP, whatever it's called in PSU) aplenty.

Despite that music, I'm still looking forward to it. Just.

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PC for me too.

I'm planning to upgrade the whole shebang as a priority in the new year. I want to run this (and EVE) with everything turned up to 11.

Doesn't eve run with everything turned up to 11 on that machine they cracked the enigma code with? Sure, it looks great, but it's not really intensive.

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I can't wait for this, as you can probably tell by my posts in the PSU thread in Discussion.

Are you all going to be indulging in the Japanese version in February or will you wait for an English language version? I'm not sure exactly what has been announced about the language options in the Japanese game but I get the feeling that it won't be like PSO and offer all the languages from the off. PSO EpIII was only Japanese, wasn't Blue Burst the same?

I'm probably going to get the Japanese version for PS2 on release just for the sake of messing about with it for a while until the PAL version comes out. I hate Sega for giving me 2 shit platform options though. The PS2 is the last system I want to take online but the idea of upgrading my PC to play PSU (as well as having to sit at it to play games) is just as bad.

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Yes, I reckon like BB this will be a case of separate servers for the Japanese, and probably lack of proper translating options too. Sadly, that part of the dream seems to have died at around the time of the move to XBox.

So I'll be waiting for the English language version.

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  • 1 month later...

Put back to March 30th now in Japan. Been looking into pre-odering the Japanese version for PS2. PSOWorld claims that all pre-orders will come with that visual book and music cd but I emailed both Lik Sang and Play Asia and neither of them could confirm. So, I asked the lovely helpful people from Cresent Shop (a site dedicated to Japanese shopping for non residents) what they could find out at Sega Direct.

DX pack 9240 yen comes with Tshirts, Visual book, sound track CD and something from Sega Direct.(not determined)

Sega Direct original set 7140 yen comes with Visual book, sound track CD and something from Sega Direct.(not determined)

Normal set 6426 yen comes with Visual book, sound track CD.

They didn't provide what the T-shirts and the item from Sega Direct yet.

That's roughly £45, £35 and £31 to save you converting. Plus the site will charge a handling fee and shipping.

On a side note, is that really the box art for the Japanese version?

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Yes, that seemed inevitable after the JP delay. It's a hell of a long wait, though - I'm almost tempted to try out the JP version and bag a Tshirt/book/whatever combo to kill a bit of time waiting for an eng lang release; but I know I'd just ruin the US game for myself when it does arrive if I did that.

Plus, if the artwork is really that horrid (yes, as far as I know that really is the official JP PS2 boxart), I can't say I'd want it splashed across my chest. The new 'extra' offline mode looks like it may be a kinda-sorta-maybe okish replacement for proper offline mode, so the extended dev time's not all bad news (well, not really even kinda-sorta-maybe, but I'm clutching at straws here).

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  • 3 weeks later...

They were mentioned above and I've not heard them for a while so yeah :D

Been checking up on the pre order thing again, now I know that the keyring thing is the Sega Direct bonus gift. It looks to be a boring white t-shirt with the PSU logo across the chest for the deluxe set - not worth the extra money IMO. Yes Asia are the cheapest place for the standard version, $59/£34 inc. shipping. I'm currently talking with Crescent Shop to see how much extra their handling fee and shipping costs will be for the Sega Direct version.

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I think it will be Ranger. It just seems to fit me (being a physical coward). Though hopefully the game will be big enough to warrant plenty of alt characters, so we'll sample everything.

And I think I'll return to what I'm best at - smacking the motherlovin' shinola out of anything that moves with a double bladed lightsabre. As Keira would say, am I a bounty huntah!

I wish they'd stick the new character creation screen up - just getting the face done alone could keep me going until release. A green lens eyepatch this time, I think...

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I just preordered the Sega Direct PS2 version.

It comes with a soundtrack! And some art book* thing.

They know just how to pull me in...

Of course, I'm not even going to attempt to get a Japanese PS2 online, but at least I'll be able to fumble my way through the offline mode for a few months. Should stave off the craving.

*Most probably a pitiful pamphlet.

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Can I ask where you pre-ordered Sabreman? Going through Cresent Shop for the Sega Direct stuff is going to cost an arm and a leg, almost a much as Play Asia seem to be charging. I think I might just pre order at Yes Asia where it is cheapest and hope that the free stuff is with it.

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Aw, man. If just one more person orders a JP copy my hand might be forced.

And I don't even have a JP PS2.

Come on now, cancel...you know it makes sense.

EDIT: Is that...er...$109.90 plus shipping for the game and goodies? It doesn't come with a free PS2, right? :(

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