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Give Yourselves A Pat On The Back


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This folder is always my first port of call when I log into the forum. I like the fact that there is a diverse selection of people posting, rather than a specific group that you might find on a purely music forum. I also appreciate the fact that, for the most part, we manage to avoid pointless "this music is shit" posts and can actaully manage a proper discussion about stuff.

So I'd just like to thank everybody who contributes to the music folder for a great year of music related discussion. That's anybody with recommendations, comments, mp3's, links, personal compositions and mixes. Extra special dope thanks to MW_Jimmy for organising the mix club which is always a pleasure to take part in, both for finding new music and learning to appreciate your own collection.

A small selection of great music that I've been introduced to through this folder:

Madlib & MF DOOM and their many alter ego's.

Bass Communion.

The Detroit Experiment.

God is an Astronaught.

Ulrich Schnauss.


Global Communication.



The Roots.


So yeah, love in ahoy!! :wacko:

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Thigh five!

I think this folder is unfairly maligned in general. I've never seen a music forum with as little bitchiness as on here, and with such a great ratio of genuine enthusiasm to sneering and maligning. I probably couldn't count the number of new bands that I've been introduced to through it.

So, thanks forum.


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Wow. You're the best. You have amazing taste. That's such an incredible list of bands you've actually heard! Here, have a biscuit.

Get over yourself.

I'm thanking people for their interesting contributions to this folder and for introducing me to new music I otherwise would not of heard. I fail to see how your snide comments relate to the thread.

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I love the music folder. It moves more slowly, and there's more considered discussion than in OT, obviously.

For the most part no one's trying to shock or draw attention to themselves - people just post up stuff about their favourite music, and it's always nice when someone's being enthusiastic.

The music recommendations you can get in here alone make rllmuk worthwhile, for me. So yeah I totally love you lot too.

You big fat gayers.

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Hot. It was the only thing on my CD -albeit average for that month, was stuck fishing for stuff I'd not used on a laptop without internet for many months. I never did send you the next months CD, did I ;)

EDIT: Oh. And I'm listening to David Heath's CD from a year ago now as it happens. It got me back into DJ Shadow, I went out and got some Ghostface Killah and kept an eye on Ivory Springer, who sadly seem to have got, well, not very far in the past year. It was pure "haven't listened to this in a while" coincidence to be replying to this thread at the same time.

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