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New Rev Games Announced


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Pinched from www.pczone.co.uk (No direct link but you can find it in todays news)

"Animal Crossing DS producer Katsuya Eguchi has confirmed that a Revolution sequel is currently in development. With Nintendo's Wi-Fi connection service set to play a huge role in its next-gen home console offering, it's a fair bet that the village visiting antics of the handheld version will make a return. What's more, Eguchi also suggests that both versions of the game might feature link-up functionality similar to that of GBA's Animal Island, downloadable in the GameCube offering.

A bit less fluffy, but no less exciting, is that Suda 51 (or Gouichi Suda as he's probably known to his mother), producer on Killer 7 over at Grasshopper, is full of praise for the Revolution controller. Not content with simply splurging love on Nintendo's gaming biscuit though, Suda has confirmed that the developer is currently finalising plans for an "extreme" Revolution title. Apparently the secret title will focus heavily on the unique aspects of the controller for input."

Hopefully this means some of the NDA's have expired and more Rev news will be on the way soon.

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