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Listening to TCGS this week I couldn’t help but rank my inappropriate game OST sexytime tracks. Straight in at number its…


Tempo’s good, nice syncopated ride bell to mix things up a bit, and it has that crucial key change into guitar solo and vocal wailing for when you need that final little push over the edge. Unfortunately it ends with a bit of an anticlimactic suddenness so the pressure is on once that first guitar solo kicks in. 

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Simon Parkin’s My Favourite Console had had two further, excellent episodes over the past two weeks. Last week was Ashley Burch, voice actor (Aloy from Horizon, amongst other things) and this week Dara O’Brien, which I’ve just listened to. Excellent interviews, as I’m coming to expect, and Dara really knows his onions. 

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My Favourite Console this week had a very generous, wide-ranging and interesting interview with Jake Solomon, who also announced that he’s leaving Firaxis to start his own studio. He was full of anecdotes about his own career, and working with Sid Meyer, and sounds like he’d be a great dinner guest. 

Sounds like the next episode will be an interview with someone tied to the upcoming Tetris movie. Curious to see who it is. Will Taron Edgerton reveal he’s a big Puzzle Bobble guy, and thinks that Columns is actually an underrated classic?

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