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Just a quick update to let people know that my podcast Playing Catch-up returned earlier in the week with episode 21. That's 21 episodes in four-and-a-half years. Just call me Mr Prolific.


It had been on an extended break following some personal stuff at the beginning of last year but I'm so delighted to be back at it. This first episode back is me and @MW_Jimmy talking about some of the stuff we've played since we last put an episode out at the beginning of 2017. The second half of that conversation will go up in a couple of days. We talked about games including: Sonic Mania, 140, Kero Blaster, Persona 4, Rhythm Paradise Megamix, Virtue's Last Reward and more.


We've also got some dev interviews lined up for the coming weeks including Graham Goring, formerly of this parish, who wrote on some of the biggest Lego games of the past few years and is now developing his first indie game, and Simon Joslin of The Voxel Agents, who released the really quite special The Gardens Between this week.


I know there are a million and one games podcasts to choose from nowadays but some of you in this thread had really nice feedback back when the show was first up and running, so I just wanted to drop in with a heads-up in case anyone interested had unsubscribed due to the previously inactive feed.


Here's the show in iTunes:



Alternatively, search for Playing Catch-up in your podcast app of choice, or add the feed URL manually:



Thanks in advance for anyone who takes a listen. Feedback always welcome!

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I listened to The Computer Game Show's Life is Strange Episode 1 Season 2 spoilercast today and enjoyed it. About the last thing you guys spoke about: (spoilers for Life Is Strange Season 2 Episode 1):



Your brother steals a toy/figurine from Brody's car. You see it on his bed (or bedside table) in the motel at the end after he's done unpacking his bag. When you ask him about it he initially lies about stealing it, but you press him a little and he admits it. I think this is where it might be worse for you guys: he says "what difference does it make? You stole something too" and you have the option to explain that you only stole something that was essential for survival and that stealing in general is wrong and something he should never do. I wonder if it will make a difference that you guys never had that chat with him. 


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2 hours ago, Marzipan Travolta said:

There's no spoilers for anything. They did a really good job. Great spoiler - free show. 

That first quarter final had me in stitches. 


I do think they should put two weeks between the show and draft. There's too many games people haven't played. I though it was great when they had played and loved XYZ.  didn't work out though but with a bit more time it might. 


No spoilers in their podcast, but there are in your post :P  thanks though, I’ll start it now then. 

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I'm half way through listening to this at the moment and have loved Farley throwing his toys out of the pram twice. If this show was ever animated like the Ricky Gervais show, it would really benefit from having Walking Dead style captions such as "David will remember this".

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Elmo basically loves RDR2 because it's a poker game with cutscenes! Think Mat did a good job of critiquing the game.



Even though Astrobot is clearly Special, there would have been something nice about The Gardens Between being TCGS GOTY. Always feels like they champion the wee guys like Trackmania and... Breath Of The Wild.


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3 hours ago, Radish said:

So far the hottest take has been Sean saying (with a straight face): "PC gamers don't play indie games, so unless it's something like a moba it won't sell on PC". Absolute bollocks :lol:


That's what he said at all, assuming you're talking about the Far: Lone Sails bit. He said that PC exclusives tend not to get talked about much unless they're a big MOBA or something, not that they don't get played. My entire exposure to Far before this podcast was a bit of coverage on the Crate and Crowbar when it came out, so he's not wrong in this instance.

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I get what you're saying. I paraphrased slightly to remove the Far: Lone Sails reference in case anyone wanted to avoid that, but the essence of what he said is there imo. At this point it's just pedantry, but the full quote was: "A game like this that is pc only, like, is never.. it's not big news, is it? if its pc only then unless its big news, then unless its a fucking moba or something then it doesn't appeal to the main pc audience." I just take umbadge at the belief that the main pc audience is only interested in "fucking mobas".


Just today we found out that Thumbleweed Park sold the most on PC (more than Switch), Stardew Valley has between 2-5 million sales on Steam alone, etc. It's hardly all in mobas. You could (probably fairly) argue that I'm just being overly precious about it but it just goes back to the email the other week about how they have a weird seemingly snobbish attitude towards all things PC.


Edit: Far: Lone Sails also got a fair few reviews at launch too. Gamespot, Eurogamer, Game Informer, Edge, Washington Post, DualShockers, RPS etc all covered it.

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15 million viewers watched the last dota International. We're still talking pretty small numbers by comparison. 


I'm a PC gamer primarily. I barely heard a word about Far Lone Sails before Sean. The PC space is so crowded with so much to talk about that a lot of games don't get the attention they deserve.


I'm actually about to go and play Far as soon as my bloody toddler goes to sleep. Was £7.50 on Steam today. 

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2 minutes ago, Yasawas said:

Whatever happened to Idle Thumbs, is it dead now?


Campo Santo, which some/all of the cast worked for, was bought out; Thumbs, Important if True and other shows on the network have all been on hiatus since. 


Thumbs was my favourite show by a mile, so it is pretty sad to be six months+ without a new episode.

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