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Event Horizon


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3 hours ago, K said:

This article has more (absolutely disgusting) detail on what was in the deleted scenes of hell on the Event Horizon:





In 2006, a two-disc special edition DVD was released that featured a few scant minutes of deleted footage. These were discovered in storage at a Transylvanian salt mine. Apparently, most of the footage was damaged beyond repair and unusable.


Is that the kind of place one regularly stores unreleased film footage? :huh:

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Probably an early attempt to destroy the cinematic legacy of the visionary director behind Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Mortal Kombat: Apocalypse and Shopping: Apocalypse.
Leave shopping out of this. Cheesy as hell, but I love that film.
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10 hours ago, McFly said:

Thanks @K and @Goose great articles. But how the hell does a film end up in a Transylvanisn salt mine? :lol:


Salt mines are good places to archive stuff because they're very dry. There's a lot of art that was lost because it was stolen by the Nazis in WW2, stored in a salt mine, and explosively entombed intentionally to keep it from the Allies. 


I have no idea why they shipped it to Transylvania. 

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10 hours ago, scottcr said:

I took my missus to see this at the pictures. Told her it was a sci-fi action film. She still hasn't forgiven me.


I maintain that I thought it was a sci for film as well, right up until we sat down and the fella behind us said "I haven't seen a good horror film in ages". My missus has also never forgiven me.

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5 minutes ago, Stevie said:

I would have expected stories of finding someone dead in their seat, someone having sex and so on.



I worked in the (now demolished) Nottingham Odeon many years ago, and yes there was a couple having sex in one of the screens once.

Other stuff - 


Someone had a fit and fell down the stairs after watching Die Hard

An elderly gentleman who had a compulsion to steal sweets 

Jason Donovan coming in to watch a film


That's about it. Was/Is probably my favourite job I've had though. 

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  • 5 years later...

Interview with Anderson about the 25(!) Year anniversary release. He admits (finally?) that he doesn't think a longer cut of the film would actually be any better than the film already is. He goes on to say that many think a longer cut would add more gore and horror, but in actual fact it would add more backstory for other characters. Of course, there would have been more gore and an extended video log section. 


As mentioned a number of times, the footage only exists in very poor VHS quality, and much of this is lost anyway. I'm not a fan of Anderson, but I do think Event Horizon is worth seeing, if only for the set design and the madness that is that video log. Not a bad interview. 



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