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Best Ds Multiplayer Games

Graham S

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At the _S household, we're now a proud two DS-owning family. The neighbours are green with envy, I can see their curtains twitching from here. What are the wireless linkup multiplayer games you've enojoyed most so far? Are they single cart download play or multi-cart?

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Meteos single cart is very good, as presumably is Bomberman (though I haven't actually played it). Yoshi Touch N Go is pretty fun, though it can tire pretty quickly (it doesn't last for extended play, just good for a quick blast).

The one to avoid for single cart multiplayer is Advance Wars DS; it's really poor. Multi-cart however is sublime.

Also Castlevania DS's multi-cart multiplayer is pretty crap; though of course multiplayer isn't the focus of the game, so it doesn't matter as much.

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Very true.

With two carts you can actually play a map properly can you?

You must be able to, im just checking.  :)

Oh yeah, 2 carts you can play proper advance wars.

Thing is, it's a rip, because in the original AW you could pass the machine backwards and forwards like in golf games where you only use one pad (it is turn-based after all).

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If you and your family are in any way rhythm actioney, then Band Brothers is an absolute must buy. The Japanese present in the title is a small hurdle, but once you've figured out the main gist you should be ok.

Before Mario Kart, I hadn't laughed so much as when I first played Bomberman DS, 8 player in my office. Another must-buy if you are regularly able to get multiplayer sessions together.

If you happen to have any Japanese skill, then Daredemo asobi taisen (everyone's gaming battle) is a collection of 32 games, ranging from poker and rummy, through chequers, othello and shogi, to bowling and darts. For family entertainment, it's hard to beat, but maybe wait for a localisation It's also not online (FOOLS!) so perhaps they're thinking of a Wi-fi sequel (which would be a strong contender for best decision ever).

But yes, Mario Kart really does shine so brightly in multiplayer that, once purchased, there isn't really going to be the need for another game for quite some time...

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