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Tablet For £24.99

Spunky Monkey

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Dont know how good it is but the price seems right.

See your very own graphics come to life - doodle on this amazing pad and your work is simultaneously replicated on your PC screen.

* 512 pressure levels

* 24 macro cells

* 0.42mm pen accuracy

* Drawing area larger than a letter size page

* Programmable function buttons

* Professional, creative and fun-draw, paint and create animations

* Pressure-sensitive pen for amazing effects while painting and drawing

* Comprehensive software package

comes with a pen and a mouse.

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Well got mine the other day and just had a quick go with it. Now whats the best way to use one of these to aid me with drawing? Right now im finding it hard to use compared to a mouse because you have to move your arm so much more (i need a proper desk too now!) and its really werid hovering the pen over to an area rather than dragging it like a mouse.

So yeah give me some tips and advice on what i can use it to help me with to get better results!

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Even though these tablets don't officially support Macs, they do work straight out of the box, and are detected as USB tablets, although they appear in the system preferences as a mouse. Therefore they don't work in absolute mode.

You can download the USB tablet drivers from the Aiptek website, which give you access to all of the pressure sensitivity, absolute mode, and control panel buttons.

It's a steal at £25.

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