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The portable TV I use at uni died yesterday (loud pop and a burning smell... not good) so I couldn't watch it. :unsure: Fortunately I still had the tape running from recording Malcolm in the Middle so I should be able to see it when I get my spare portable from home. Don't know when that'll be, though.

What a pointless post.

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Caught the repeat, loved it - shame about The Star In The Reasonably Priced Car and that wayward front wheel, spectacular as it was, it could of been top of the rankings. I kind of have sadness in my heart when they visit the Isle of Man - I've been up that mountain with a digital camera taking photos of road signs in those kind of conditions. *shudder*

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Who saw this weeks. The rock climbing race was incredible. Leo Houlding is a bit of a crazy mad fucker. Read his profile on the Team Berghaus site:


Some quality videos there too: Free climbing a wall with no hands, jumping between walls, soloing at Yosemite. Bloody loony.

The radio controlled cars were probably one of the funniest features they've ever done as well.

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Excellent show again - loved the remote control cars bit and Ian Wright managing to get the Reasonably Priced Car on two wheels, though that flying car bit was pretty crazy.

Hell yeah. At first i thought they were using the smoke to hide a crane or jack or something...

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