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Not sure whether to put this here or in ATF, I was looking for a music discovery site, similar to Pandora except that it was free and I think could be linked to iTunes.

I'm pretty sure I read it either in this month's GQ or Wired. Any ideas?

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It's linked to Itunes, WMP et. al. by recording every track you play and suggests things you might like/people who are into the same stuff. That was all it did when it was audioscrobbler but now there is a player (not sure if you can still use winamp etc.) which will play you music based around you and others. It is free but I've just recently subscribed cos I think it's such a great idea and I don't want to see it dissapear.

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It seems good, but I like the way Pandora actually takes details like the melody of a song and gives advice based on that. I wonder if there are any free sites like that.

I didn't really like it and didn't think it necessarily got the feel for a band right like Wahwah* says. I stuck it on Muse and just got a string of dreary, slow, quiet singer-songwriter types. Whereas Listening to Muse on Last.fm's similar artist radio seems to give you a range of music from pretty heavy to light. Last.fm have obviously got more data to work on considering how long Audioscrobbler has been going.

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Pandora's, fortunately, become rubbish for me before I have to subscribe. It's a shame that there isn't the option to say "I like the style but not this song / artist"

Hmm, except that it has...

Click "Guide us" as a song is playing, and you get the options:

I like this - play more like it!

I don't like this - it's not what the station should play.

Why is this playing?

I want to add different kinds of music to this station.

Pandora is cool.

You can;t use it for long before it asks you to subscribe. It's completely painless to though, except you'll need a U.S. Postal code. Shove "32177" in there and you're away. Enjoy.

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