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Yeah. I also feel Nintendo missed a trick by not having Virtual Boy games on the 3DS Virtual Console. Last I looked, there was a Mednafen homebrew emulator, and another one might still be in development. But neither of them is any good apparently. 

On a separate note, one of the highlights of last year for me was watching Jeremy Parish's Virtual Boy Works series, where he played through all the titles released for the console. Having owned a Virtual Boy myself, I tend to agree that, although the concept and execution were very flawed, some of the games were quite good, and it had really impressive graphics. Without the 3D stuff, it really could have been a worthy successor to the Game Boy.

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Problem is they have to pay around 10K to get them age rated plus having to pay someone to convert them to work. Probably not worth it with such niche games, would have to sell loads to make money back and there's just not much worth playing to take the risk on so can't blame them.

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Virtual Boy games on the 3DS, finally accessible to all, would have been perfect Nintendo enthusiast bait - like the Game & Watch Collection on the DS and NES games being rebought every generation. 10K per age rating and a tiny conversion team would have been buttons for Nintendo to have done the groundwork to wrap VB stuff into all their future legacy offerings, if they'd wanted to. 


I think their hesitance to revisiting the library is a combination of the graphical look(red) and the failure of the VB. I think they'd have prettified the compilation for the 3DS ala G&W Collection/Super Mario AllStars if they'd decided to release them. 

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