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Red Vs Blue

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Many of you probably will have watched Red vs Blue and will be keeping up with season 4 which is unfolding now.

But, for any of you who haven't seen it, the rolling archive has gone back to the beginning again (videos > previous seasons), so, if you don't want to pay and become a sponsor, you can watch them from the beginning, with newer episodes every week. Just a heads up.

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You should be a TV exec. They like making decisions on if a show will continue just like that!

What if instead of showing Red Vs. Blue... we show a full series of the making of Red vs. Blue? Oh! I'm so good at television!

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I watched the first. Is it worth watching more or is it all just Halo people standing talking?

worth watching. Like most TV programmes, things are still being sorted out in the first few episodes, but pretty soon it gets funny and there's bits of action here and there.

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