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Microsoft's Big Games Gamble

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(from the Radio Times website)

Documentary which follows a team from the world's biggest hi-tech company as they launch a new version of their Xbox games console to take on the Sony Playstation. It is a huge gamble, but the potential rewards are enormous. The new consoles can play music, store photos, and let you contact other people online, so whoever wins the battle could become the gatekeeper to the world of home entertainment. But can Microsoft get their new consoles into the shops in time for Christmas?

Sounds like it could be quite interesting...

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I doubt there'll be much game footage on show, but it should be interesting to get the BBC's take on the subject.

The BBC you say? Well I'm sure we can already guess their take on it.

5 minutes into the program "The xbox 360 is good but it doesn't have the power or the brand name to take on the PSP" 25 minutes about how wonderful the PSP is.

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Special guest appearance by Jonathan Ross taking a shit on the Xbox 360 while playing Wipeout Pure.

and french kissing the love god Harrison.

What? You obviously have not seen a games report by the BBC recently. After all the PSP is more important than Jesus according to a recent BBC inteview with Phil Harrison that they put on.

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