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Computer Use In Movies?

Fusty Gusset

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Anybody want their computer to go 'beep' after doing anything just like the movies?

Knock yourself out

:) Quality. I love the free Nullsoft stuff. I modded one of them.

I stopped noticing stuff like this because my rage blinds me from enjoying the rest of the film. The second Matrix film should be noted however, for quite possibly the first use of a real security scan on a computer. In the power station, Trinity uses nmap to list network services running on a computer, which she then uses to highlight a vulnerable service and break in with some exploit.

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I remember in Enemy of the State where they twirled round a bag to see the bulge on the side, how the fuck can you see the picture of something you didn't take a picture of?!

well at least they tried to explain it the computer looks at the shadows on the bag and makes a 3d model of it based on the dimensions of the bag. they even said that its not accurate and you can't actually rotate the real 2d image. tsk someone wasn't paying attention.

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It'd make a great scene in a movie ...

Cop : "Can you zoom in, reverse the image and enhance it?"

Tech : "This ain't CSI motherfucker"

I'm sure I've heard something very similar recently. I just can't remember where. I'm sure they even said "This ain't CSI."

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