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Bands That Turned Crap


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Their first album was promising but with Big calm they had a really great sound going but since then they've gone more commercial sounding and crap and they've now lost their singer too. Not sure if the current album with a different singer is a return to form.

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Doves have been getting steadily worse since Lost Souls.

Rage Against the Machine got worse (although remained good).

I can't believe I liked The Streets' first album when I hear them now, in fact, even when I hear that now I can't believe I liked it :blush:

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Doves have been getting steadily worse since Lost Souls.

I dunno, I thought The Last Broadcast was better than Lost Souls. They're both brilliant albums though. Some Cities, on the other hand- largely tedious. One song in particular is an absolute carbon copy of 'There Goes The Fear', only rubbish.

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I'd ask that too, but from completely the other viewpoint. I couldn't care less what the lyrics are (or what they're supposed to mean) in probably 90% of songs-with-lyrics. To take an easy example, who cares what the lyrics to "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" or "Hit Me Baby One More Time" are? OK, that's a frivolous example, but I also couldn't care less what most more serious bands are singing about, either.

In my humble opinion, there's very few people capable of writing lyrics that deserve attention. And I'm not about to draw up a list here.

there's a great example on Dead Letter Office by REM, a song called Voice of Harold which is basically 7 Chinese Brothers from Reckoning. The track had been recorded bar the vocals and the story goes that Stipe couldn't decide on a melody so in frustration he picked up a gospel album cover and tried reading from the sleeve - the liner notes, who produced it, whatever was on there. And it doesn't sound any less of a song than what went on the album.

Lyrics schmyrics.

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Sneaker Pimps

Becoming X = Wonderful

Splinter = Worst kind of shit

I thought it went the other way around! And I love Kid A, it's my favourite Radiohead album. I didn't 'get it' for a few months after it came out, but after some late night headphone listening, it grew on me immensely. The jazz bit in the national anthem is supposed to be funny apparently, you wouldn't expect Thom Yorke to have a normal sense of humour, would you?

I'd also agree with the manics if I didn't also think the early stuff was just as terrible, the only halfway decent album they put out was the holy bible

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Wow, you've done your research! I can't even remember saying anything about Mogwai. Oh wait, I remember now, it was probably saying how much I love Kids Will Be Skeletons - I never shut up about that song!

Only when lyrics are hideously bad do I struggle to listen, finding out the first track on Old Ramon by The Red House Painters was about his cat and not a woman made it a bit laughable and unlistenable for me. Maybe that's because I hate cats.

Where the hell am I going with this?

In conclusion, I can barely hear what Yorke is singing most of the time, so I don't let bad lyrics on his first album bother me. Surely Creep has lyrics just as bad, if not worse?

I hate the way after a while most of mogwai songs have their vocal lines fucked up with the same effect. "killing all the flies" wouldve been beautiful if they'd sung it properly and toned down the guitar a bit.

Also I thought wop a din-din (red house painters) was a dog? guess it doesn't make any difference, as it's nothign on their earlier stuff. Another band that went crap? I'm just not sure if the later stuff was my thing, I was moved by songs like Katy song, medicine bottle, strawberry hill and new jersey, but the newer things were a lot more upbeat, and i felt some parts of solos particularly terrible... like "moments" on ocean beach if anyone's familiar with it. Beautiful for a while, almost perfect, then descends into bollocks.

As for radiohead, for fucks sake they're misunderstood, they're really not an indie band anymore. i think of their newer stuff as particularly poppy electronic-noise. If you listen to only certain sogns, for example fast track, pulk/pull, kinetic, fog (the original, not the piano version), etc etc you wouldn't believe that they started off as a standard indie band. In any case I struggle to listen to indie now and usually need something a lot nosier. the "writing songs" perspective is total bullshit, if there's no melody it's not good music? what?

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