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What Games Did You Buy Recently (must Be Last 5)

Salsa Party Animal

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Edit, GTA Libertiy City Stories as of about 30 minutes ago.


Dark Stalkers Revenger

King of Fighters 97

King of Fighters 96

King of Fighters 95

Don Pachi

DoDon Pachi


Sorry, I know that's 7 but they've all been in the last couple of weeks, been on a bit of a retro saturn trip recently.

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Good to see that people here keep buying the "golden oldies". Anyway : my latest purchases :

- Shadow of the Colossus

- Fire Emblem : The Sacred Stones

- Digital Devil Saga 2

- Battle Garegga (sat-jp)

- various Street Fighter games (sat-jp)

Just before that I've gotten a load of saturn games, but I think these were the last to arrive.

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metroid prime pinball (nds) [us]

grand theft auto: liberty city stories (psp) [us]

oretachi geasen zoku sono: burger time (ps2) [jp]

oretachi geasen zoku sono: terra cresta (ps2) [jp]

oretachi geasen zoku sono: yie ar kung-fu (ps2) [jp]

info on the oretachi geasen zoku sono series can be found here on ncs' update from yesterday

the bonus items packaged in with each title in the series (10 titles now) make them (as mr. robert palmer would have said) 'simply irresistable'

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K1 - Kings of the ring (JPN Sat)

Japan Pro Wrestling FEAT. Virtua (JPN Sat)

Deep Fear (JPN Sat)

Virtua On (JPN Sat)

NiGHTS (+Analog Pad) (JPN Sat)



Wing Arms

Hang On GP '95

F1 Live Information

(squiggle) King the Spirits

V-Goal '97

Lets Make a J-league team

Capcom Generations vol.4

Blood Factory

(all JPN Saturn)


Lethal Enforcers 1p AND 2p Guns (JPN MegaDrive)

and I spent less than £25 on them all... B)

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Nintendogs (NDS bundle pack)

Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! (NDS)

Jump! Super Stars! (NDS)

Daigasso! Band Bothers (NDS)

Zoo Keeper (NDS)

Hmmmm alot of DS games there :) and apart from Resident Evil 4 on the GC and a few other GC games these are the only games that i have bought legally. and boy these NDS games are worth it!

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