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I'm trying to set up a search for 3D games on the Sega Master System. I use advance search, select "Items located in: Any Country". Yet when I actually search it hardly has any results, but if you go to individual countries eBay sites there's loads!

Surely because I've selected "Items located in: Worldwide" rather than "Items available to: UK" should mean that every item containing "3D" on the Master System should be included.

Any ideas?

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I'm not talking about sellers who put ship worldwide, I'm searching using "located in any country" and it hardly brings up any items.

Try it, look for 3D in Sega Master System using eBay UK's advanced search, remember to use items located in any country, and then try it on ebay.de or ebay.fr, you'll see what I mean. It even misses off items where the seller will send worldwide. Stupid!

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