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Foo Fighters, then. Their brand of mellowing, all-American pop rock has been flowing out of my speakers a lot recently.

Their track, 'Next Year' provided the theme tune to American teen soap/comedy 'Ed', a show about a lawyer whose office is in - get this - a bowling alley! As calming as the Foos themselves, this show has (in my mind) become indelibly linked with the band, and reminds me of lazy summer days (as that's the time they show Ed reruns on C4!)

So, there probably aren't many people who would regard the Foos as their favourite band, but I'm sure plenty agree that their single releases are classics.

My favourite Foos song is probably Everlong, although Learn To Fly is a close second.

What do you think of the Foos?

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Two outstanding albums in self titled and The Colour and the Shape. And three average albums with only a handful of great songs on each interspersed by averageness. If you saw the Foos when they toured their early albums in smaller venues, well you were treated. Have seen the Foos a number of times over the years, and they really delivered great gigs (music, interaction, energy) in the early days, less so now - but I wonder whether that's simply down to over familiarity on my part.

That said, I hope Grohl's suggestion that after the 'CD1 rock' tour they'd do a 'CD2 accoustic' tour in smaller non-arena venues comes true.

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Sadly, even though it's a dreadful phrase, Dave Grohl 'sold out' (and the sales figures for the last two albums show he did it well) and has left most listeners thinking Foo Fighters are nothing more a lightweight AOR act to be filed alongside Nickelback. That's fine, but now journalists don't take the earlier material seriously either. Oh well, he's only got himself to blame. You'd never have guessed his old band wrote a song called Radio Friendly Unit Shifter. Mind you, you'd never have guessed that same band has another compilation out in a couple of weeks.

Best of You sounded like a Gillette commercial and the video looked like one. Let's hope Dave finds his sense of fun again, and finds Pat Smear while he's at it.

That said, I thought In Your Honour had enough passable songs to make a solid single album.

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  • 16 years later...

and he had just turned 50 back in Feb as well.


This is one of those things where I caught the headline around 3 this morning and actually said "No way, it can't be THAT Taylor Hawkins"


Phenomenal drumming talent. 

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Yeah it such awful news. 50 is no age at all. He was such an amazing drummer and composer, he wrote some of the Foos best tracks.  


I meant to be seeing Foos later this year.  If they cancel it I'd completely understand, but if they don't, it's going to be a sad show, there will a lot of tears.

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