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So Who’s Definitely Getting A Xbox 360?

Roboplegic Wrongcock

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As the thread title says how many of us on here are definitely going to buy or have already put their pre order down on a 360?

Also can we try and keep this thread civil please, this isn't the place to argue go to Disciple’s thread if that sort of thing excites you.

Am definitely getting one. The launch line up looks very good am going to get about three games at launch PDO, Oblivion and GUN (Only Joking...) possibly Kameo it looks very intriguing.

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I've got one preordered but will I get it on launch day? Depends whether the monkeys at Gamestation decide to fuck up my order.

Have the special edition PD0 on order from Gameplay.com aswell with Kameo and Oblivion probably being my next two titles.

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Yeah, I had one ordered through Gameplay when I wasn't sure if I'd be in the country for release day, but since my holiday ends mid-November I've cancelled that order and preordered with Gamestation instead, so that I can enjoy the midnight launch shenanigans.

Now I just have to sort my HDTV out to be delivered in the 2 week window between when I get back and the 360 comes out.

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Defo getting one, preorded from game.net the day it was announced. Plus Perfect dark Zero Limited edition from amazon for £33 thanks to their mess up! Chexcellent!

Cant wait to turn it on day one and see on my friends list loads of people playing Perfect Dark zero and PGR3 and someone, probably david b messaging me to go play Ghost Recon 2 with him instead of all the cool new games.

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