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Stone Roses


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"All for one, one for all /

If we join our hands together, we'll make a wall."


21 years well spent, there. It sounds like The Seahorses, which in itself is the most damning indictment imaginable, but The Seahorses except not impossibly awful.

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I agree that the Shane Meadows documentary is fantastic, but this:


1 hour ago, englishbob said:

"Love Spreads" ... was just fucking horrible. 


... is among the most disagreeable things I've ever read in this music forum! :angry:


Maybe it's the fact that I didn't hear anything off Second Coming until the best part of two decades after its release, by which time it was best known to me as the butt of a joke in Shaun of the Dead, and as one of the biggest letdowns in pop history. But I'm a sucker for that track, along with the other big guitar squealy songs on Second Coming and Turns Into Stone (especially Breaking into Heaven, yes including the intro). I'm not normally one of those guitarheads who goes on and on about the virtues of the elusive perfect tone, but in the case of Love Spreads I have to say... that TONE:wub:



The new song isn't very good. :(

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Listened to it. Its not as bad as some of you have made out. Better than anything on the Second Coming. Although it seems to have that debut album bounce to it, the guitar solo bit is back to Squire's Jimmy Page phase. 


It has that typical Squire/Marr guitar "lick" (I know, terrible term for it) to it. Lyrically a bit pony, but its not absolutely terrible. 

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Christ....just listening to it now. 


Come back Shed Seven, all is forgiven. 


This is all Squire isn't it? There is none of the pop brilliance that Ian Brown has come up with over the last 20 years. I even enjoyed him live for christs sake. 


It's finished now and that will likely be the the last time I ever listen to it. 

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While not as similar as the Fall song, the riff immediately made me think back to this...



A song I was previously reminded of by this...



And that's a lineage from hell for any Manchester band right there.


The only hope for them is that it's obviously a John Squire song after Ian Brown has shown himself to be the songwriting talent in the band since they went their separate ways.


This is like Oasis coming back with a song written by Liam Gallagher and Gem Archer (see above for how stupid an idea that would be).

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It's not an amazing song and it was going to be incredibly difficult to live up to the expectations, but I think it's fairly catchy.


However, it's a little disappointing that it sounds like it should have been released in 1998. It's as if none of Ian Brown's solo career or Mani's work with Primal Scream has had any influence at all.

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