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The All-new Rllmuk Online Poker Classic!

Jesse May

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Enjoyed this weeks game even though I was a bit distacted. We just had an offer accepted on a flat and she was wanting to talk and stuff.

There's cards to be played woman!!!

Could only really make Monday next week - away with work for the rest.

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Wednesday it is. Apologies to those that might struggle to make it, but Wednesday is the only day not to receive an out-and-out veto(Edit: or it was until Ross posted. Sorry, Ross). Hope you can make it along.

I'll email UB now. So that's Wednesday 2nd November. Who's in? Confirmations please.

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Cheeko and Ross added. I still need confirmation from kerraig and johnjwaters that they've added funds to their respective accounts before I can get them added to the tournament. I'll PM them now.

If they can get themselves sorted, we'll have three tables once again.

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