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Thats the funny thing about this game, you get see some ramps and think- 'I'll need to drive up that', as it's exactly what you'd need to do in most other games of this type. I only remembered that I could pick cars up when I'd been trying that particular jump for a good half hour or so :lol:

As I said above, I'm a big fan of throwing people through the stunt markers. I never even considered carrying the SUV to that jump, though... I tried driving up the sides of the containers, but that's as far as it went. To be honest I was having fun getting up there, it was like playing Kickstart. The regular jeeps are excellent for that kind of climbing work - they're good fun to drive - but they're useless for jumping.

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Everything I have heard about this game has been related to the Halo 3 beta, so 2 questions:

Whats it like? (genre, viewpoint etc)

Any good?

Eh, this thread is like 52 pages just about the game....

But to answer your questions.

Sandbox game kind of like a supercop take on GTAish, Third person

Flipping Amazing.

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I think they disappear once you've been through them once and whilst you're in a race.

They definitely seem to vanish arbitrarily. Maybe it has something to do with being in a car, but not as far as I can tell. I've been in co-op games where both of us have seen a marker, then neither of us have been able to see it, and then it has simply reappeared.

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That jump takes you to a stunt marker above the ship. I'm having great trouble reaching it since I only have 2 stars in driving.

As others have mentioned you need the SUV for this, I got this stunt marker the other night and you need to time the SUV "jump" perfectly to get the height needed, you will likely get the 6 second air time achievement as well, its a mental jump.

I am only 1 star away from max stats and I am still finding cool stuff to do, heck the SUV at 4 stars could be a whole game on its own and I'd be happy.

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Ok, so I've tried a few experiments over the past couple of days, some have worked well, others failed disastrously.

To start with someone had the bright idea (me) of attaching limpet mines to the bottom of an SUV in order to give it some more vertical lift as part of an evil knievel style jump over about 30 explosive barrels and various cars. The plan failed at even the most basic level. For some reason, when trying to attach mines to the bottom of the SUV they went through it and landed on the ground, so when it came time to pull the stunt off, my mate went flying into the sea in his SUV as I blew myself almost vertically into the air. It took us a good 20 mins to set that up too... ^_^

We had more success with some of the races we organised. They seemed to help not only with your driving skills, but your sense of direction on the islands. We set one location on each island, started in the keep and went for it. Deciding which vehicle to choose makes all the difference to- the Supercar is great on the roads, but for some extreme shortcuts, the SUV is the way to go.

We also tried a foot vs car race, which worked very well indeed. We found the best course was from beside the Ferris wheel to the Los Muertos bosses' mansion on the upper island. Starting inside the funfair gives the person on foot an opportunity to get a head start too, which makes things more balanced.

Rocket launcher skeet shooting works quite well to, though it would be better with a third person collecting cars to be honest. I found standing on the hut by the beach on the first island (again, near the funfair) and throwing cars onto the beach worked quite well. We rarely hit the damn things though, but it was very satisfying when you did.

Now, you lot need to tell me about all the exciting experiments and games you've been up to.

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I was just playing this with Metallica - Metallica as a custom soundtrack, this game is amazing. For some reason I find it so much more exciting when there's metal playing in the background. Killing Jose Guerra to Enter Sandman = much fun.

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I saw a car-carrier earlier today and wondered how much air I could get from it in the Agency SUV. :)

I think you'll get a lot more air if you get another level 4 driving coop buddy to drive at you full pelt in the supercar :P

Only better looking.

And more fun! :D

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