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Whitehoof - Tauren Hunter

Tiiki - Troll Rogue (main, for the mo')

Someone suggest me some professions for a Rogue please!

Herbalism - mainly to get Swifttthistle for Thistle Tea (a Rogue MUST HAVE)

Alchemy goes well with that (obviously) - both as a money earner (once you get to 200ish skill) and for self-use potions.

Skinning/Leatherwork isn't terrible either - make your own armour...

p.s. You need about 70 cooking-skill for Thistle Tea, so get that started early too!!

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Guest JamesLee

Instantly restores 100 energy :ph34r: Great for when you want to throw in a lot of burst damage without the wait of energy regen.

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Not a Rogue or Mage.

Anything else really. We're low on Warriors, in terms of obviously useful additions.

We're also low on Hunters, Druids, even Shamans etc....

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Heres a list of players so far listed by class, more warriors plz ! (sorry formatting)

dax daxen druid tauren
geoff c eaglespirit druid tauren
kaijin Shemenshka druid tauren
kiwi brahn druid tauren
moosegrinder grimme druid tauren
snakeboy barakor druid tauren
deviant ramsa hunter orc
iza tinks hunter orc
rantin james whitehoof hunter tauren
beekeeper stumps mage undead
digimortal abu mage troll
geo melvin mage undead
kitten jaizha mage troll
melon bread promethea mage undead
Mr Ben usha mage undead
nosh marthren mage undead
paranoia isstai mage troll
zeikfried zeik mage undead
chintz kettle priest undead
kaijin Tzigone priest undead
mechamonkey osseous priest undead
nicky dreamfall priest undead
poet poet priest undead
arha kharen rogue orc
ithica takk rogue troll
JamesLee Groznik rogue troll
Mr.Crowley chrinek rogue troll
pompey88 nimboya rogue undead
rantin james tiiki rogue troll
terria gkar rogue orc
melon bread wilco shaman tauren
polygon monkey ischemic shaman troll
scruffycat moonshine shaman tauren
bojangle rebekah warlock undead
numpty derme warlock undead
patriot patriarch warlock undead
sooong soong warlock undead
bunta bunta warrior tauren
lazychu boulderdash warrior orc
MankeyMan wakka warrior orc

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I've got to say, I don't think much of this server. I've played with a few nice people (always from Holland, oddly), but general chat is mind numbingly tedious, everyone is pedantic as fuck, people kept threatening to report me because I was asking technical questions 'out of character' and I think my excellent name is frowned upon. Why did you lot pick this server? It's fucking lame. I hope Blizzard let me transfer Lemsip somewhere else!

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