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Found 3 results

  1. EDGE Scores 1-315.zip Someone created a Google fusion table time ago. It included many fields like format and developer, not just game and score. Google closed the service and I can't find where the creator moved it, or an offline copy. It had all game scores. Metacritic has compiled the last 20 years and is a good source for the latest scores. It includes some quotes from the review. https://www.metacritic.com/publication/edge-magazine
  2. Cover is Minecraft Earth - Hype: Kerbal Space Program 2 Synced: Off-Planet Predator: Hunting Grounds Roki Evil Genius 2: World Domination Chicory Hype Roundup: Death Stranding, Humankind, Little Nightmares 2, Ghostrunner, Orcs Must Die! 3 Play: Control - 8 Telling Lies - 9 Astral Chain - 9 Dicey Dungeons - 8 Knights & Bikes - 7 Rad - 6 Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey - 5 The Blackout Club - 6 Eliza - 9 A Short Hike - 8 Features: Outside the Box: Minecraft Earth Rise of the Robot: The story of TASBot An audience with Helen Chang, head of Minecraft The Making of Dead Cells Studio Profile: Robot Interactive Time Extend: The Order 1886 The Long Game: Oxygen Not Included
  3. Somebody suggested that if we are going to have a dedicated sports folder then we might as well make the most of it and have a thread for each round of games. Fixtures formatted by the rather excellent whoscored.com I've just done the top two divisions in England for now. I'll just link to the fixtures for La Liga, Serie A, the Bundesliga the Scottish Premier League and Ligue un. Friday, Aug 24 2012 19:45 Bolton vs Nottingham Forest Sky Sports 1 Saturday, Aug 25 2012 12:45 Swansea vs West Ham Sky Sports 2 15:00 Tottenham vs West Bromwich Albion 15:00 Aston Villa vs Everton 15:00 Manchester United vs Fulham 15:00 Norwich vs Queens Park Rangers 15:00 Southampton vs Wigan 15:00 Sunderland vs Reading 17:30 Chelsea vs Newcastle United ESPN Saturday, Aug 25 2012 13:00 Bristol City vs Cardiff 15:00 Middlesbrough vs Crystal Palace 15:00 Brighton vs Barnsley 15:00 Blackpool vs Ipswich 15:00 Huddersfield vs Burnley 15:00 Sheffield Wednesday vs Millwall 15:00 Charlton vs Hull 15:00 Peterborough vs Leeds 15:00 Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Derby 15:00 Blackburn vs Leicester 17:20 Watford vs Birmingham Sky Sports 2 Sunday, Aug 26 2012 13:30 Stoke vs Arsenal Sky Sports 1 16:00 Liverpool vs Manchester City Sky Sports 1
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