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Found 1 result

  1. Okay, LET'S DO THIS. Ideally we would find 24 people, which will allow us to have eight teams of three so a small group stage and then a knockout bit. The game is pretty flexible though so if we get less or more than that we'll just see how we can work it in the end. I know people are already in teams, but I think the fairest and most fun way to do this would be to just allocate people to new teams. That way every team starts off on the same footing so it should hopefully keep every match reasonably close! The way I propose we do this is that everyone rates their skill at the game between 1 and 5, where 1 is the equivalent of a primary school child (HIT BALL HIT BALL HIT BALL OH GOD OWN GOAL AGAIN HIT BALL MUST HIT BALL) and 5 is like the Rocket League version of Dennis Bergkamp. Maybe not quite exagerrated to those extents, but in essence. Be honest! Current participants, and PSN IDs if different from forum names: There were 42 entrants, so there are 14 teams. I make that two groups of four and two groups of three. The bottom two in each group are eliminated, aside from the two teams with the best average goal difference who sneak through into the knockout stage as best runners-up for a total of eight teams. That makes sense, right? Teams! Team 1 (JJB Sports) JDubYes (3)Jimmy Shedders //PSN - Jimmy_Shedders (2)Baring //PSN - Baring7usa (0) Team 2MW_Jimmy (3)sixbuttons //PSN - hankywangman (2.5)Len (-2) Team 3Jamin (3)tcharliel (2.361)sjvinnie //PSN - sjvinnie87 (1) Team 4Bennette98 //PSN - EB9CCFC (3)cohen205 (2.25)gooner4life (1) Team 5parappatheslapper //PSN - colbaker27 (2.5)Jolly //PSN - JollyNiceSoup (2)Uncle Mike ("pretty low") Team 6toythatkills (3)klargon //PSN - RFTC_Weezer (2)Tomox //PSN - Tomox0286 (1.5) Team 7john0 //PSN - SlimmJD (2.5)superstarbeejay (2)p1nseeker //PSN - p1nseek3r_ (1) Team 8smithstock (3)df0 //PSN - Kanselier (2)Bleeders (1) Team 9Timmo (2.5)Steely //PSN - Steelinho (2)Joffy //PSN - akajoffy (1.5) Team 10bradigor //PSN - bradigor1981 (3)Gerry Helmet //PSN - Gerry_Helmet (2)SaintM //PSN - SaintMB (1) Team 11Lyrical Donut //PSN - Lyrical_Donut (3.5)tomakasatnav (2)rafaqat //PSN - raffles69 (1) Team 12blurie (2.5)Eighthours (2)Van (2) Team 13wretcherd //PSN - Rorchord (3.5)tris3d (2.5)Petey //PSN - PeteyPenDrive (1.5) Team 14Rev //PSN - rev0nline (3.5)graemandius (2)gospvg (-1) I would encourage you all to come up with better team names. Also, based on peoples claims about their own skill levels, Team 13 will definitely win so no pressure guys! Groups! Group ATeam 10Team 3Team 2Team 12 Team 10 (0-3) Team 3 (11-1)Team 10 v. Team 2Team 10 v. Team 12Team 3 (3-0) Team 2 (15-2)Team 3 (3-0) Team 12 (9-0)Team 2 (0-3) Team 12 (1-9) Group BTeam 8Team 11Team 5Team 6 Team 8 (2-1) Team 11 (7-7)Team 8 v. Team 5Team 8 (2-1)Team 6 (7-3)Team 11 (1-2) Team 5 (6-9)Team 11 (2-1) Team 6 (9-2)Team 5 (1-2) Team 6 (5-7) Group CTeam 4JJB SportsTeam 13 Team 4 (1-2) JJB Sports (7-8)Team 4 v. Team 13JJB Sports (0-3) Team 13 (1-12) Group DTeam 7Team 14Team 9 Team 7 (3-0) Team 14 (10-2)Team 7 (1-2) Team 9 (9-6)Team 14 (1-2) Team 9 (7-9) For now, try and arrange games amongst yourselves. Probably nominate a captain in group chat and discuss potential times amongst the other teams. Next Saturday we'll see where we are and make arrangements to get stuff completed, or just tie games if almost everything's done and we're getting really held up. Like I say, the next tournament will make more sense! I haven't done this "online gaming" thing before so I had no idea what to do for the best. Ah well. Each team plays each other team, obviously. Games will be best of three. Share good highlights! If you have a team member who can't play (which is only bradigor at the moment I think) then try and recruit someone new from the Rocket League thread first, and failing that someone from a team in another group or which has been knocked out can play in their place for now. Off you go then.
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