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Found 2 results

  1. Having this debate with some friends over the weekend and I really got stumped by how much I'd pay on a free-to-play game before I questioned myself. For example, I've played a lot of Hearthstone and whereas forking out for individual card pack is not something I've done, I've paid at least 2 x £50 for the launch packs of different seasons. I've had my money worth sure, and don't feel too bad about it although now I'm playing less and less, I'd be more reluctant (and in turn, haven't) to spend the same amount on the next lot. The value of £50 seems more now I'm playing it less, and/or are less happy with how the game has changed over time. My preference on 'free to play' is more on there being a level playing field, and paying for cosmetics. I've always been of this mindset I think, however while playing a lot of Brawlhalla over the last week (free to play Smash Bros style fighting game just launched for free on PSN) there is no pay-to-win mechanic, and all the purchases are either for Legends (characters which you can buy for in game gold, earned by playing matches) or for skins, colours, podiums to show your end game pose off, taunts - all for real world money. That's ok I figure, the game is for free and if it were chargeable, I'd pay £15-£20 for it so surely I can just spend that on skins etc. Yet, looking at the pricing, in-game coins are £5 for 140, and each skin is between 80-200 coins. Skins for weapons are 40-60, taunts can be as much as 120. Something about the value of a skin for £5 doesn't sit quite right. In essence, it's a small price to pay to contribute to enjoyment of playing the game, but the 'value' of it seems too high. I felt the same about DOTA and Heroes of the Storm before that changed. I played a bit of DOTA, went to drop some coin on a mount (that cool panda one!!!!! :/ ) and it wasn't cheap (c. £7 iirc). It felt like too much, but I'm getting the ENTIRE game for free. And I didn't blink over spending £100 on Hearthstone. With Fortnite Battle Royal being very popular, as this surely charges for cosmetics down the line I'm going to have the same debate. I wouldn't hesitate to spend £25 on the game based on the fun I've had from it, but a new hat for £10 would rub me up the wrong way. What's your view/approach on the styles of free to play and how much value you'd put on items, and what you'd pay? This isn't even getting into the whole "pay for more turns/energy/fuel" debate which is probably a third stance (and a horrible one).
  2. Olé is a free to play soccer game exploring dribble and goal Play Ole free visiting: http://goo.gl/Z6njf is the short URL google link which allows us the visiting control Summary: The adrenaline pumping as you run across the field, the ball at your feet. You dribble the first opponent with style, see the second moving in, overtake him and then you do a 360º to surpass the third. You run to face the goalkeeper, the last barrier between you and victory. You calculate the kick and the ball hits the net: it’s a goal! That's the magic of Olé, the new game from Olympya Software. Learn more about the game: site http://futweb.com.br/ole and see our vídeos in YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/user/OlympyaSoftware?feature=guide Learn also about our MMO soccer game: http://futweb.com.br Play Ole free visiting: http://goo.gl/Z6njf Rgds Paulo Mattos Olympya - CEO
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