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Found 6 results

  1. 343 Industries announced that from December 2021, support will end for online matchmaking and certain other online features in all the Xbox 360 Halo games (3, ODST, Reach, 4, CE Anniversary, Wars, and Spartan Assault). You'll still be able to play online, but only in customs. They've also removed all of them from sale (though you should still be able to get the DLC for free). https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/sunsetting-halo-xbox-360-game-services-in-2021 I thought this was worth its own topic rather than burying it in the 360 thread, since although a lot of 360 g
  2. Massive sale on this week starting today it seems worth breaking out of the BC announcement thread. Circa 275 games going on sale looks like they're not all available yet so may be some daily deals coming up: https://majornelson.com/2017/05/15/this-weeks-deals-with-gold-and-spotlight-sale-xbox-one-backward-compatibility-super-sale/?linkId=100000000397128 https://www.storeparser.com/en-GB/xbox-360/price-changes/ Most of the titles below with prices in USD (above link is in GBP) 'splosion Man $2.49 (Drop 75%) 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures $2.99 (D
  3. Super Dungeon Bros. Murdered: Soul Suspect The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition Far Cry: Blood Dragon
  4. Be interesting to see if Activision pull the BC trigger and make them work on Xbox1.
  5. We'll be making the transition to FIAF14 at the end of Season 22. We're sticking with XBox 360 for the foreseeable, but once the dust has settled after the release of the new consoles we'll start to look at the best direction from the league from there on. Important dates Thu 12/09 - Final S22 league fixture Thu 19/09 - Cup week Thu 26/09 - [no games] Fri 27/09 - FIFA14 release date Sun 29/09 - S23 draft Thu 03/10 - S23 Athletico cup Thu 10/10 - First S23 league fixture Please confirm your inclusion in Season 23 by posting as such in this thread. Current managers, please al
  6. What is it? A new four team league using the Pro Clubs mode in FIFA on XBox 360. It'll be a lot less involved than the BAP league with fewer rules and regulations and whatnot.. think of it as an experimental scruffy younger brother. When is it? Sunday evenings. Start times will be confirmed in due course, but likely to be 9:30/10pm. Who can join? Anyone can join. You don't have to have a previous relationship with the BAP or 1v1 leagues. There are a maximum of 40 spaces for this first season which will be filled on a first come, first served basis. How do I join? Just post in this thread sayi
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