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  1. Surprised this doesn't have a thread, was rumoured a while back but now confirmed: Honestly the Ezio games are the only ones I've loved (Black Flag was good but I still preferred 2 and Brotherhood) so it'd be good for people to experience the better ones. Dunno how they've aged though, haven't played them in years. November 17th. Ezio is bestzio.
  2. http://www.capcom-unity.com/harrisony/blog/2016/02/25/action-packed-resident-evil-favorites-coming-in-2016
  3. I've got high hopes for this it's their first game since 360 Hydro Thunder built for the latest consoles and we aren't exactly drowning in a sea of decent water racers. Out now on PS4 and next week on XB1 with Android, iOS and Win10 versions coming too. I really enjoyed the console port of the last one which started out on phone. http://www.vectorunit.com/riptide-gp-renegade
  4. Saw this referenced in the Cuphead thread, looks ace, Spanish Ghosts n' Goblins clone. Seems really well done so far, only just playing the first level. i was sold at "scanlines", but then I am old, and easily pleased.
  5. A thread to chat and discuss the thread. Proposed rules: given you pick up the raid quest from Shiro whatsisface, I suggest titling which section you're discussing using either "Opening the door" or the name of the encounter just before a spoiler for now, and then we can loosen up later. Anyway, discussing the first proper boss encounter inside the raid: We're going to give it another go tonight - hopefully it'll go smoother (no hints - even oblique ones - please even if I'm still missing something.) I like it so far. A good raid.
  6. The first of 2 models that the rumour mill has been grinding away on 4k output HDR UHD Blu Ray drive 2TB HDD Vertical Stand Internal PSU
  7. http://www.thesixthaxis.com/2016/06/17/marvel-ultimate-alliance-1-2-rated-for-current-gen-systems/
  8. Respawn Entertainment has trademarked the name Titan, possibly hinting at the title of its first game. According to a trademark application filed on April 15th, Titan refers to video and computer game programs; video games discs; video game software. Respawn was founded by Infinity Ward co-founders Jason West and Vince Zampella back in 2010 after their departure from Infinity Ward. Previously, a blurry image was the only thing shown from Respawns game, though Zampella teased an upcoming E3 reveal back in February. Last month, West left the company.
  9. A WILD TWEET APPEARS. So… yes. After killing the goose-that-laid-the-golden-eggs called Ensemble, this particular tweet appears in Mr. Scorpio's timeline. Not sure if trolling or getting everybody to hate Microsoft all over again for killing said goose, but they really need to do something with AoE now, don't they? I mean… god it's still INSANE what they did with Ensemble.
  10. Results (as at 21/05/2015): The games which made you purchase the current-gen machines you own. PS4 WiiU XBox One 2DS/3DS Vita I have been planning to update the console ownership poll that I conducted last year for some time now, and this seems as good a time as any to do it. All the current gen consoles are very well established now, and it would be interesting to see how ownership has changed or is expected to change. As an open-ended question, it would be good to know which game(s) made you purchase the current-gen machines you own. I'm not asking for your favourite game on the mach
  11. I haven't played a Worms game for a long time, but I remember endless hours of multiplayer fun in my uni days on the original PS. I think the general consensus is that the series went downhill a bit in recent years. Hopefully they can get this right on the PS4 and XBone. Hopefully it will come with a comprehensive level editor to give it longevity.
  12. Hope you don't mind the promotional post, but... Did you play 10 Second Ninja when it came out on Steam a couple of years ago? Good wasn't it? Well, the sequel - 10 Second Ninja X, which improves upon the original in every way - is due on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Xbox One on July 19th. Here's a quick video comparing someone who is bad at it to someone who is good at it: It's super hard, super clever and super funny, and it'll be available for £7.99 / $9.99 / €9.99 when it releases. OR WILL IT?
  13. Rocket League devs ready to go but Sony won't greenlight: http://m.uk.ign.com/articles/2016/07/20/rocket-league-ps4-xbox-one-cross-network-play-now-ready-for-release-only-needs-sonys-approval Witcher devs ready to go but Sony won't greenlight: http://m.uk.ign.com/articles/2016/07/21/witcher-dev-awould-lovea-ps4-xbox-one-cross-network-play-for-gwent The thing is MS are really pushing this now and most of their titles going forward are going to have Xbox<->PC play out the gate making for a much larger online playerbase. Despite their massive
  14. You might be right...I'd take a remake leading to Bulletstorm 2
  15. By Visceral Games & Ghost Games Official Site Release Date: March 17th 2015 ABOUT Source IMAGES VIDEOS Rllmuk Tags PS4 KR1355G Kerrraig macthreesixty Trokie FishyFishArcade Bleeders79 smithstock gooner4life shimmyhill LordSaru ThePunisher316 JaminTastic jimmmUK Spuck-uk mrdavewhite MrHoodedclaw RickyDVT Greenmankarl DJKNIGHT13 KryptonianUK skittlewood Oilswell
  16. Looks like MS are getting in on the new hardware action, and will likely be unveiling a slimmer, revised look for the Xbox One: VG247 After the elite controller, I'm surprised to hear that MS still feel the need to still tinker with the controller. Could just be a new style to go along with the new look console, or they may also be looking to add a microphone to it so that they can utilise all that Kinect voice recognition tech, without asking people to actually buy a Kinect. Speaking of which, is that thing entirely dead at this point? I've never
  17. Bought this on PS4 last week. The first two episodes of this five part story are already out (Although I think the Bone is still waiting for the second). It's an alternative history Noir crime drama similar to Telltales output. You play Elliot Ness who, after capturing and bringing down Al Capone, has retired and is working in a diner the aforementioned Blues and Bullets from the title). Nearly 20 years have passed and Capone has been released. Ness receives a message saying his old nemesis now needs his help. Like Telltales stuff, this is a narrative based story with decisions ma
  18. Did a quick search and couldn't find a thread about this so... http://majornelson.com/2016/03/24/xbox-live-games-with-gold-for-april-2016/?linkId=22649091 Xbox One - The Wolf Among Us & Sunset Overdrive Xbox 360 - Dead Space & Saints' Row 4 Decent selection I reckon, loved Sunset Overdrive (and Dead Space back in the day). Will probably leisurely go through Wolf Among Us over time but most chuffed about SR4, loved 2 & 3 mostly for the humour and inventiveness of the mission, better than GTA in lots of
  19. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2015-02-26-fable-legends-is-free-to-play Should not be entirely surprised I suppose after the seasonal nature was recently revealed. Still seems more like a computerised version of Descent. Sigh. Thinking about it more that sigh is more for the structure of the game (4 v 1episodic MP) rather than for the payment model itself. If it gets more people playing in the first place and develops a buzz , then all well and good. Another game (like Neverwinter) that one may as well pick up and try out for a while at least. Cr
  20. Just had notification via Twitter that the Beta is now live on Windows 8.1, so thought it about time for a thread. The XO beta should start in the new year. I have to say this is for me one of the most anticipated releases on the XO, never having done anything like programming before, and looking forward to creating that Epic RPG of my dreams. Bioware beware! Seriously, I apologise for not having any embedded media etc in this OP, I know there are loads of videos out there showing it off, I will try to upgrade from the PC.
  21. Xevious


    Did you ever set up cardboard barriers so that your friends couldn't see where your player was in Goldeneye? We did, once, and decided it wasn't worth it. But there's a new game coming which seems to encourage you to look at others' screens. In fact, it's impossible without it. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2016-02-10-screencheat-sneaks-onto-consoles-next-month It's been out on the PC for a year now. Anyone played it? Would you recommend?
  22. Hello Halo Fans, I hope you're all up for a little Halo this evening. Hopefully this thread will improve the chance of enough people attending to guarantee a few good custom games and so on. The details are: 10pm / Xbox / Halo 5 Guardians / Gamechat, not party chat / Custom Games / Mix teams up if unbalanced. If you don't have my gamertag it is: Wahwah UK. If you want to come and play Halo and don't know anyone else, send me a message on Xbox and I'll make sure you get an invite. Do not come online and then decide not to bother just because you don't know anyone very well! See you at ten,
  23. Might as well split this out now. A new trailer appears. Although all of the footage appears to have been in this E3 vid: Basic FAQ:
  24. New platformer from some other ex-WayForward developers where you play as te titular hero Pip who has the ability to shift between three pixel forms, each with their own unique abilities, to solve puzzles, paths, kill baddies, avoid holes, etc. I forgot I had backed this and have had a couple of very promising updates recently which makes it look like £6 well spent. Steam version is out on the 4th June (Early Access has been out for a good while now) with the Wii U version following on the 11th in North America. Previews have all been very good from PAX and in the final run-up. I'll post mo
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