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  1. Not sure whether this has been covered in any topics. Makes me a bit nervous of any Nintendo digital e-shop purchases especially the fact the redownload option will eventually cease to work. Dat eshop tune doh. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-09-29-wii-shop-channel-is-shutting-down-nintendo-has-announced
  2. So after months of not touching my consoles or handhelds I finally took the courage to start up my Wii and play Skyward Sword. Well I wish I could say that but the only reason I did so was because my video card crapped out on me and thus rendering my PC useless other than to: Porn, Facebook and Rllmuk (yes, in that order). I'm now 20 hours in to SS and it made me realize how much of a void there was for me as far as pure gaming glee goes. It's been said a thousand times already but Nintendo games do have a certain unique charm to them that make most, if not all, of their titles a joy to play. Even if the latest Zelda is a bit by the numbers it's still a much better experience than most games. Not that other recent titles are bad or anything but there's just something about playing a game by yourself, without achievements (glorified grinds more like!), no online hassles, and NGC era graphics all while waving your arms around like a loon. Simpler times no? Anyway I digress... What I'm saying is: I've rediscovered the Nintendo fanboy inside but fear for what I have been missing out on all these years. Especially on (3)DS and Wii. I'm looking forward to the new Pokemon and Luigi's Mansion games but what else is out there that you would consider essential titles for these systems, past or upcoming? Games I already own are: Wii Super Paper Mario Wario Land: The Shake Dimension Xenoblade Chronicles Super Mario Galaxy Goldeneye 007 Deadspace Extraction Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Red Steel 2 Okami No More Heroes Muramasa The Demon Blade Metroid Prime 3 Madworld DS/3DS Advance Wars: Dual Strike Metroid Prime Hunters Mario Kart DS Tony Hawk's American Sk8land New Super Mario Bros. Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story Mario Kart 7 Kid Icarus: Uprising The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass 3D Classics Kid Icarus 3D Classics Kirby's Adventure Pullblox I tell ya, taking a break from PC gaming (Steam) and not having to look at your pile of shame (which at times can make it seem like a list of chores rather than entertainment) can be pure bliss! Let's put all our effort into making sure this becomes a list thread eh? No filler, just quality titles. ps. I've never played Minish Cap. Dont lynch me.
  3. Nintendo Land is an upcoming videogame for the Wii U, to be released as a launch title for the console when it is released in late 2012. The game, set in a theme park atmosphere, is intended to serve as the main demonstration of the functionality of the Wii U, along with its Wii U Gamepad - in much the same way WiiSports demonstrated the functionality of the Wii and Wii Remote - and so will probably come bundled with the console. Nintendo Land will feature 12 different minigames based on various Nintendo franchises - some of which support up to five players, with four using the Wii Remote and Nunchuck, and one person using the GamePad. So, the twelve minigames of Nintendo Land are based off popular (and one shoehorned) Nintendo franchises, and are designed to incorporate elements which utilize the features of the Wii U Gamepad, often in conjunction in with other players using Wii Remotes and Nunchucks (with some games supporting up to five players in this configuration). The combination of Wii Remotes and Wii U GamePads allows for what Nintendo calls "asymmetric gameplay," where plays have different experiences depending on which controller scheme they use. Takamaru's Ninja Castle Based off the 1986 NES game no-one ever heard of, The Castle Of Murasame (or: Nazo no Murasame Jo in Japan), the player uses the Gamepad's touchscreen to launch shuriken at waves of enemy ninjas. The controller can be tilted in order to change the trajectory of the throws. Luigi's Ghost Mansion Obviously based upon the Luigi's Mansion series, and inspired by cult 'Cube classic Pac-Man VS, up to four players must try to find a ghost in a maze, and weaken it by shining their flashlight towards it. The ghost is controlled by a player using the GamePad, who plays using the screen on the controller. The ghost remains invisible to the remaining players (unless the flashlight is shined at it, or lightning strikes to illuminate it), but their respective controller will also vibrate if the ghost is near them, and requires cooperation in order to catch the ghost. Definitely the most impressive game of the lot, imho. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1fc_auu258&list=PLE9F8E753C38CC502&index=1&feature=plpp_video The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest Here, up to three players use their swords to fight enemies. One more player uses their GamePad to control a player in the rear of the pack bow and arrow. The player with the Gamepad can also lift their controller to spy for sniping enemies. To reload their bow and arrow, the player must put the controller on a flat surface. Sounds better than it looks, tbh. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67C117XRe-M&list=PLE9F8E753C38CC502&index=2&feature=plpp_video Man, these Nintendo booth babes won't win any contests, wil they... ? Animal Crossing: Sweet Day Based on the AC series, four players control animals trying to collect candies as a team before they get caught by one of two guards who make them drop candies, controlled by another player using the Gamepad. As players collect more candies, their movement becomes slower, making it easier for them to be caught. Seems to be an Animal Crossing themed version of the Chase Mii demo of last year's E3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cEYQy_0M2M&list=PLE9F8E753C38CC502&index=4&feature=plpp_video Spainkiller clearly went for a more traditional (some would say stereotypical) attire when visiting E3 this year. Donkey Kong's Crash Course The player uses the GamePad to tilt a trolley through a platform-based obstacle course, influenced by the original Donkey Kong arcade game. The analog sticks can be pressed in to activate levers and switches. Imo, this definitely looks like the weakest of the games shown so far. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JMlHmOn-ew&list=PLE9F8E753C38CC502&index=3&feature=plpp_video F-Zero A game based off Nintendo's futuristic racing game franchise F-Zero was revealed during Nintendo's developer presentation after their press conference, where the player must race down a track and avoid obstacles placed by the other player using the Gamepad. (link: > http://www.parentdis...2012-517389828/ ) Six more games will be on offer in the final version of Nintendo Land, incl. games based on the Super Mario, Yoshi, Metroid (probably like the tech demo shown last year, where the Gamepad controls a space ship and every else is running around as Samus) and Pikmin franchises.
  4. According to NeoGAF the next-gen only rumour should be taken with a pinch of salt as it's from a different source than the rest.Animated loading sequences, who said they were running out of ideas!
  5. Link Good to see Naka back, hopefully it will be more like Sonic Colors than the other shit sonic games that Sega has been releasing EDIT: Now a Wii U and 3DS game, after a long development ...
  6. So here it is. I guess maybe we could bring out the more positive sides of all things Nintendo? I dunno. Discuss.
  7. I know there's been a bit of discussion of this in the Trouble With Nintendo thread. But I thought it was worth spinning out into a separate discussion in the spirit of the feeling in the megathread discssion in ATF. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2015-02-05-nintendo-clarifies-youtube-revenue-share-program-asks-users-to-delete-non-nintendo-videos So basically if you want to upload footage of a Nintendo game, then you're not allowed to have any videos of any games from any other companies on your channel at all. Also you can't even show footage from any Nintendo game, it has to be one from their seemingly arbitarily chosen list? Super Smash Bros being on Nintendo's blacklist is particularly baffling. Even Capcom managed to realise the benefits of online videos for fighting games.
  8. Hopefully this will get a European release. Ive played around with the NTSC version a bit (and earlier the DS version, which this a nicks a few levels from); reminiscent of Wario Ware and Elite Beat Agents, you have to time pressing A or A and B simultaneously to the beat of changing rhythms and ambivalent audio cues. Its fucking funny at times, with a completely bonkers set of (50) levels and it looks and sounds really cool with some inspired, simplistic art and catchy music. http://www.destructo...er-220990.phtml 9.5 http://www.1up.com/r...eaven-fever-wii A- http://kotaku.com/58...e-kotaku-review a Yes
  9. I don't know how this hasn't been done yet, if it has apologies and you can delete this, but sparked by a conversation with a friend...What were your favourite games of the last generation, and no Wii U is not included. If the interest is there, I might get everyone to supply their top 10 and I'll compile a list a la the other "Rllmuk favourite" threads. I know there was a game of the decade thread, but this is different? Personally mine are: 360 - Mirrors Edge The one game that DICE got right. The fluid motion and sense of movement is something to behold, when you put the practice in. You can say what you like about the story and cut scenes, but the actual gameplay was awesome. Can't wait to hear more about the long overdue sequel. With Xbox One's DVR I will be poluting people's lives with my videos! 360 - Halo: Reach Pinnacle of the Halo series. The single player was pitched just right. No one before or since have gotten enemy AI close to what was achieved with Reach. Not to mention the multiplayer. I spent more time on it than was probably right. 360 - COD:MW2 People mention MW1 as the peek but MW2 took everything from the original and improved upon it. Me and the mates used to get together online on Monday nights and play a selection of games, but MW2 is one of the ones that sticks out the most. 360 - PES 2013 Have to put this in just for the sheer amount of hours I put into it. About 600 online games = about 200 hours on that alone. Not many single player games, but online MP made up for it. PES 2014 is a better game, but a combination of online issues at both ends mean it's been more frustrating that anything. 360 - Rock Band 3 Put more money into DLC for this than anything ever. I don't think anything will come close to it this gen either. Ever since I bought an import copy of the original Guitar Hero and played it, in black and white, on my PS2, I was hooked. Rock Band 3 took it to the nth degree. 360 - Trials Evolution I love this game! I convinced some a few mates who would never have bought it, or it's prequel, otherwise to purchase! But it's exactly the type of thing I really love, it's longevity with me came from that ever lingering need to improve! Needs to be a new one on Xbox One, DVR functionality required! 360 - Alan Wake Alan Wake was one of the best single player experiences this gen. The story, the mechanics, everything about it drove you to complete it. Makes me look forward to Quantum Break for Xbox One. 360 - Bioshock Again, in the same vein as Alan Wake. It's story and setting was perfectly realised and the game mechanics were spot on. Enjoyed every bit of it apart from the final boss fight, which was by all accounts good, it just stretched the believability a little bit. Wii - Mario Galaxy Unadulterated fun! Not much more I can say about that. Mario games pinnacle was Mario 64, but then Galaxy came along and blew it apart. Everything about it was a joy and made collecting every little star so enjoyable. I never got around to Galaxy 2, which is supposedly better, but I'll get there some day! Wii - Wii Sports The amount of time spent playing this with friends justifies it's addition in here. Bowling taking the majority of the time, but each game was fun and something only Nintendo could provide. So much so, I will be rebuying each sport when released in Wii Sports Club on Wii U. There are no doubt some games I've missed. But that is a pretty good list.
  10. As per title. MS are putting all their eggs in one basket by bundling the Kinect, that no gamer I know wants, with the Xbone and adding a hefty margin on to the price. My question is, and one MS should have asked as a dashboard poll on 360 or something, Do you care about gesture control? I don't. I feel like an idiot shouting voice commands, I hate controlling games with gestures. Nothing is as accurate as a pad or keyboard and mouse.
  11. Times: Nintendo Direct E3: UK: June 11th 15:00 PM BST EU: June 11th 16:00 PM CET Gametrailers Nintendo Power Hour: UK: June 11th 19:00 PM BST EU: June 11th 20:00 PM CET See Full Game Trailers Schedule: Game Trailers Schedule Video Streams: http://www.ustream.tv/nintendouk/theater http://e3.nintendo.com'>http://e3.nintendo.com http://www.youtube.com/user/Nintendo'>http://www.youtube.com/user/Nintendo https://www.facebook.com/events/525288477533379/'>https://www.facebook.com/events/525288477533379/ Rumour Roundup: With Nintendo having already confirmed that we'll be getting an early look at Wii U versions of Smash Bros, Mario Kart and a new 3D Mario Title, it's slim pickings for Wii U rumours. Nintendo have opted for a more low key E3 this year, perhaps wisely leaving Sony and MS to tear chunks out of each other on the big stage, whilst Nintendo delivers their message via more.... direct means. I can't really find much chatter about what Nintendo might have in store for 3DS owners, but I'm sure we'll get something from them. Zelda U Retro Studios (Star Tropics) New Bundle/Price What They Need To Show: They need games and game changers. It's no secret that the Wii U has had an appalling start. With third parties seemingly abandoning ship, it's left for Nintendo to turn things around. Lucky for them of course, they happen to own some of the most lucrative franchises in the business, and along with some of the industries defining talent, they should make a big splash at E3, even if they are in a smaller pool this year. Show game footage (everything from new Mario to Bayonetta 2) New IP Unexpected Exclusives New Partnerships Sooner than expected game launches Drinking Game Key Word: Nintendo Fans / Our Fans
  12. The Wii Mini, a smaller version of the Wii, is scheduled to come out on December 7. Looks rather spiffy, tbh. If the price is right (eg. £ 75) I might get one... Hopefully, this won't be limited to the US only, and there will be another colour than red.
  13. http://www.computera...gamer-magazine/
  14. With all this Wii U talk and the holidays coming up, I'd like to reinstate the Wii a bit for family gaming. However, being proper hardcore and all, I never play these kiddie games and party shite stuff so I'm looking for some advice here. Basically I'm looking for games that are fun for a 3 and 5 year old, and it's a bonus if they're tolerable for adults too. So far I was thinking of Mario Party 8, Carnival Games, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic games and that Dora shovelware stuff, but other suggestions are more than welcome. Would Smash Bros Brawl be a good choice?
  15. I was thinking that around about 6 years ago i started a thread displaying pictures of all the launch games and announced games for the Wii. You can find that thread here - - but im going to post some pics and thoughts here. Twilight Prince on the Wii before launch. It looks amazing, it was the game we all wanted since we saw the realistic GC demo in 2001. Actually if you look at that demo now it looks terrible but they gave us what we wanted. For a launch game this was up there. It looked great, used the motion controls and was an epic game, despite some of the hatred it got a few weeks after launch. Looking back its actually a lot better than people gave it credit for at the time. Sadly not a launch game, coming out around 6-9 months later but Nintendo were more than keen to show this game off and wow, once again did it look amazing. Still does. Who could get their head around all these worlds just floating in space and the huge changes it had compared to Mario 64 and Sunshine. Just with these two games the Wii launch was line up was looking great and no one cared that it was under powered. Sadly the force wiimote stuff was a bit of a pain but practically everything else was great. The game everyone bought a wii for. This is what excited me the most about the Wii prior to launch. How would it control, how does the controller work, what will wii sports offer us? It is a mini game collection or a tech demo but that doesn't matter this would have easily been worth £40 for the bowling alone, let alone free in the box. Actually lets think about that, £40 for a bowling game. Bowling games have been tried on consoles in the past and they have always been dire. They capture none of the fun or atmoshpere or skill and are just horribly dull, in fact ever bowling game since Wii Sports has been pretty much like that. Its got a timeless look to it and seeing the Miis for the first time, its half kiddy and half very clever. I wish i had this feeling again because there was a huge amount of excitement and wonder leading up to the Wii launch because of this game. The PlayStation had given us 3D games and the amazing new gameplay possibility but until the wii no other console gave us anything quite like that. Even games like Sonic and the Secret Rings, Monkey Ball, Elebits and Cooking Mama all looked like great fun to play. Every game that was shown and if you check the thread there was a lot looked like it would be great fun to play. Of course that wasn't always the case but there was this huge sense of wonder and excitment for even the most mediocre games and how you'd use the new controls to control the action. Koropina, what an odd game looking and playing game. Yet i remember many people here being excited by such a low key game and enjoying it come release. Red Steel, this sold the Wii just as much as Wii Sports thanks to some clever advertising. It never did live up to its promise but there was huge excitement for this game and being able to slash a sword any way you wanted. Sadly whilst Red Steel 2 fixed the problems and looked even better the name had already been tarnished but before launch this was the game to sell the system. And thats forgetting Rayman Raving Rabbits, the virtual console, the Mii Plaza, having extra channels like news and weather, Wii Play, Super Swing Pangya Golf, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Excite Truck, Metroid Prime 3 and a hundred more games. There was something there for everyone and huge excitement. Sadly Nintendo once again failed to keep that momentum going and kind of just left the Wii coast along whilst throwing in the odd game here and there. Compare that to the Wii U and it makes the Wii U launch stuff look horribly disappointing. I actually like the controller and think it'll do great things much like the DS did. Sure its all map screens and health bars for now like the early days of the DS but i can already see lots of games doing fun stuff with the touch screen, especially in single player. The Wii console was perfectly designed, the Wii U looks like it was done last minute with no thought put into it. Someone too a Wii, inverted all of its good features and then clicked done. Being able to leave messages on the wii, leave the console on and get things downloaded over night. Being able to play online or get light gun accessories. All of these were exciting at the time, remember the what was under the flap discussions? Yes none of them really worked as well as Nintendo said they would but they all had potential and were something new at the time. In a way that has harmed my thoughts on the Wii U, the Mii stuff, being able to share messages and ask questions. I just know a few weeks after launch it won't live up to its potential. Does anyone use the Wii question channel anymore? Or the Mii contest channel? The games, Zombi U looks fantastic and i hope its reviews live up to whats been shown so far. For me its the No.1 game to get on the system. Nintendo land is a rather odd game, whilst Wii Sports and Wii play are similar in that they are mini game/tech demo collections they offered loads of fun for single and multiplayer but with lots of messing about and depth. Nintendo land looks strictly multiplayer and at times cumbersome. Watching them explain games at E3 just reminded me of explaining Mario and Sonic at the Olympics, you explain it, no one really understands, everyone gets bored/frustrated and Wii Sports gets put back on. Whilst the games are simple they seem overly complex to explain to non gamers who require angry birds levels of explanations. NSMBU, yet another 2D Mario games, just a few short months after the 3DS version. It wouldn't be so bad if it looked or played radically differently but it looks like more of the same and i can't get excited by it. Pikmin 3, thats more like it and whilst i eventually got bored of Pikmin 2 and i worry about the micro managing of 4 people this time, it looks great and looks to play just as well as past games. Shame its not there for launch though. Most of the other games are late ports of games we played a year ago (Batman, Mass Effect, etc), ports from other systems like Assassins Creed or Aliens or sequels to good/great games on the wii but come across more like updates than anything new and exciting. Actually Lego City looks fantastic but i do worry it'll be aimed at the lower age range sadly, i guess even though the Wii launch also featured follow ups and sequels, the new control scheme and the way Nintendo was pushing/promoting everything just made everything more exciting. I'll probably still be picking one up on launch day, but it just doesn't feel as amazing as when the Wii launched and i just wanted to compare some thoughts and looks of games.
  16. Times: UK: June 5th 5:00 PM BST EU: June 5th 6:00 PM CET US: June 5th 9:00 AM PST US: June 5th 12:00 PM EST Video Streams: http://www.nintendo....nintendo_direct http://e3.gamespot.c...ce/nintendo-e3/ http://www.gametrailers.com/e3/ http://www.g4tv.com/...s/nintendo/136/ http://www.youtube.com/user/E3 What Are We Expecting: Nintendo's conference has about as clear a focus as you could get. The re-reveal of their next gen Wii U console is almost certainly going to be the talk of E3. Unlike other console manufacturers, Nintendo probably won't be blazing the machines specs up on their ceiling high screen, but what we will doubtless be getting, is the highly anticipated reveal of Nintendo's first foray in HD development. Anticipated Wii U games include: Pikimin 3 New Super Mario Bros Aliens: Colonial Marines Wii U Fit Wii U Sports Darksiders 2 Dragon Quest X Killer Freaks From Outer Space Lego City Stories It's not clear if last year's Zelda tech demo indicates that Link's first HD adventure will be revealed, but regardless, anticipate plenty of exciting software announcements from the big N. Aside from games, all eyes will be on the final details of the Wii U's tablet controller, and we can expect plenty of showcase demonstrations of how the tablet, Wiimote and games will work together to create innovative gameplay experiences. Another aspect of the Wii U which everyone is anticipating, is what type of OS and online services it will provide. Will Nintendo finally be dropping friends codes, were the rumors of EA's Origin service playing a role pan out, or will they be going it alone? Unfortunately, Nintendo have confirmed that they will not be announcing either the Wii U's price or release date at the conference, but with all that lot, there should be no shortage of news to keep us busy. Of course Nintendo won't just be talking about the Wii U. Last year the 3DS had a hell of a show, with announcements such as Super Mario 3D, Luigi's Mansion 2 and Super Smash Brothers 3DS stealing the show. There's no reason to suspect they won't be announcing an equally compelling roster of 3DS games, and already there are announcements/rumours that we'll be seeing: Professor Layton & The Miracle Mask Animal Crossing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate Monster Hunter 4 Assassin’s Creed: Lost Legacy Paper Mario Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright LEGO Lord of the Rings Harvest Moon: A New Beginning Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Nintendo have plenty to share, and all being well, there will be no shortage of news and announcements to keep us talking. What We Got: Pre-E3 Conference: [media=] All credit to tnman for putting together a great summary of Nintendo's pre-E3 event together: Controller to be called 'Wii U Gamepad'. 'Proper' analogue sticks with 'click button' rather than 3DS-style thumb pad. Gamepad also a TV remote. Wii U Pro Controller (above) - looks very much like 360 controller with right stick and buttons swapped. Some sort of Wii U internet hub for discussion on help for games and what-not. Smartphone app for Nintendo network/Wii U internet hub shown. 'Mii Wara Wara'/'Miiverse' - the home screen for the Wii U is akin to 3DS' Streetpass Plaza. Miiverse can be accessed by all games - e.g. after dying on Mario speech bubbles will pop up on the black screen saying 'Can't believe I died there!' etc. Can post screenshots from your Wii U. Curtains. Not all features at launch. Main-E3 Conference: What did we get.... well there's a good question, what exactly did Nintendo deliver at their main conference, that would ensure the Wii U was seen as an exciting, relevant new console? Well it started well enough, there was the typically quirky intro, which this time showed Shigeru Miyamoto preparing for the conference with the help of some Pikmin. This led into a live demo of Pikmin 3, and the first full demo of the Wii U in action. Following this, we had Reggie (whose body remains ready) on stage for a more in depth look at the Wii U. In spite of Reggie's initial promise of a show which would spotlight 23 Wii U titles, we were delivered one of the most lackluster showings for a new hardware unveiling in recent memory. Sure there was New Super Mario Brothers 2, a not un-intersting look at Zombie-U, an extensive look at Lego City Undercover and the quasi Home like social gaming network of Nintendo World, but rather than offering gamers a first glimpse at the big N's tent pole franchises - which would demonstrate why exactly they chose to bolt a screen into their new controller - we were treated to a overly long demo of the now 8 month old Arkham City. A showing which did nothing to alleviate concerns about the use of the tablet controller for much beyond inventory/maps and gimmicks, or for that matter, the technical ability of the machine itself. Elsewhere a new Scribblenaughts was briefly demonstrated, although it remains unclear as to what type of game it's going to be, and a showreel which featured (amongst others) Mass Effect 3, Assassins Creed 3, Aliens: Colonial Marines and Darksiders 2 should send warning flares up about just how much support third party developers are actually going to give the machine. In terms of hardware, the tablet controller got a nice showcase video, which confirmed that the controller itself will include both an accelerometer and gyroscope, along with both a camera and built in microphone. Also present is rumble support, a headphone jack, volume controls, and support for Near filed communications. The console will also be compatible with past Wii controllers, including the Wiimote, nun chuck and balance board. The biggest news was that the Wii U now supports two Gamepad controllers (the official name of the tablet controller), and that a classic pad is being made available, which bears a striking resemblance to the 360 controller. The 3DS got a brief bit of time, which after we got through a knuckle suckingly scripted bit of banter between Reggie and Scott Moffitt, included a first look at Paper Mario: 3DS, a re-unveiling of Luigi's Mansion 2: Dark Moon, and a showreel featuring snippets from: Castlevania Lords of Shadow, Epic Mickey Power of Illusion, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Drop Dream Distance, Lego City Undercover and Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon. The Wii U side of things was rounded out by a mercifully short demonstration of Just Dance 4, and a closer look at the aforementioned Nintendo World, and that was that. The whole conference went by in a blur to be honest, and it amazes me that so much time was dedicated to Batman: Arkham City, whilst a new exclusive propery from Platinum Games (Project P-100) was relegated to an after show interview. Much like Sony with Vita, Nintendo needed to make good on their claims of wanting to bring the core back to Nintendo consoles, but with a paltry showing of third party titles (token support from EA, and nothing from Activision) and precious little from Nintendo themselves, they could not have given the Wii U a more timid start. Additional Information: Developer discussion with Wii U hardware producer Katsuya Eguchi: - Tuesday, June 5, 11:30 PM PT 3DS Showcase: http://www.nintendo....nintendo_direct UK: June 3th 2:00 AM BST EU: June 6th 3:00 AM CET US: June 6th 6:00 PM PST US: June 6th 9:00 PM EST If anyone has any further information about how and where these conferences will be streamed, then let me know and I'll update the OP. Otherwise, I imagine the links at the top will update accordingly.
  17. Well, I haven't done one of these in a while. It's another Know Your Boxart quiz! All the letters below are from the boxart of 2012 game releases. How many do you recognise? Please put your answers in spoiler tags so as not to ruin it for others. I'll post the answers up tomorrow if no-one gets them in the meantime. And yes, there is no letter 'Q' - I couldn't find a decent one.
  18. Now it's old news that EA regularly shut down servers for the online components for games. But even by their shitty standards this one is a new low. EA's MMA game was released at the end of October 2010 (so actually it's less than 18 months old). It was one of those games that required an 'online pass' if bought second-hand and quick look at its achievement list shows that a lot of the achievements require online.
  19. So, what better thread to start on a lazy sunday then a predictions and expectations thread about this years E3. It's only a month and a week away now, so better get those crazy and outlandish ideas in before the first inevitable leaks start seeping in. Personally I'm looking most forward to the Nintendo stuff this year: The final Wii U presentation, new 3DS games ea. I'm hoping we get to see the new Wii U Mario title, Pikmin 3, a new 3DS Zelda game (which will hopefully feat. Toon Link), more of Luigi's Mansion 2, more of Animal Crossing 3DS + it's actual name, more on Level-5's Fantasy Life, the rumoured The World Ends With You Too, the rumoured Kirby, Donkey Kong and Yoshi 3DS games, the rumoured Z.O.E. 3DS game. And of course a healthy amount of exciting eShop titles. And if I can dream, I'd like to see a Wii U F-Zero game, the announcement of an new Earthbound game, a Suda51 game for the WiiU (although he already said that he'd really like to do NMH 3 for the Wii U). I'm also keen on seeing what Sony will do with the Vita; both on trying to counter the pretty poor sales, and hopefully doing this Nintendo-style by announcing lots of great new and unexpected games for this little baby. Whatever happened to Dragon's Crown (and Grand Knights History for that matter...) ? Also excited about the PS4 actually, but just because I'm curious finding out about what we can expect from the next gen. Ah, and lest I forget: Will we see the reveal of a new 3DS model (with two sticks)? Last year I was convinced this'd happen at either E3 2012 or TGS 2012, so I wonder if I was right. Although I'm not so sure now... So, thoughts?
  20. Another (nearly a) month, another issue! Features: Ten Games That Will Save Nintendo (cover feature) The 25 Reasons You Must Play Kid Icarus Uprising Confessions of a Digital Gigolo Previews: Epic Mickey 2, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Darksiders II, Lego Batman 2 Replay: Space Station Silicon Valley Time Warp: Rod Land (NES), Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, Beyond Good and Evil (GC) Still Playing: The Last Story Judgement Play: ISS 64, Revenge of the Gator, FireEmblem: The Sacred Stones Reviews: Wii: Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion XL - 70 3DS: Farming Simulator 2012 3D - 38 3DS: Crash Time 3D - 18 DS: Zuma's Revenge - 57 DS: Major League Baseball 2K12 - 48 Wii: Alvin and the Chipmunks Chipwrecked - 20 3DS: Jewel Master: Cradle of Room 2 - 53 Wii: Calvin Tucker's Redneck F.A.R.T. - 35 Wii: We Sing Pop! - 35 Import Reviews: 3DS: Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir - 71 3DS: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy - 80 3DS: Hatsune Miku and Future Stars: Project Mirai - 69 DS: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 - 68 DS: Pokémon + Nobunga's Ambition - 80 Online and Online Shop Reviews: 3DS: Kid Icarus Uprising (Online mode) - 88 3DSWare: Speedthru Potzol's Puzzle - 64 3DSWare: Fun! Fun! Minigolf Touch! - 48 3DS Virtual Console: Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters (GB) - 65 3DS Virtual Console: Metroid (NES) - 81 3DS Virtual Console: Punch-out!! (NES) - 83 3DS Virtual Console: Super Mario Bros (NES) - 90 Wii Virtual Console: Strider (Mega Drive) - 86 Wii Virtual Console: Mega Man X (Super NES) - 84 Wii Virtual Console: Mega Man 5 (NES) - 77 EDIT: Review scores restored, by popular forumite demand.
  21. From Nintendo's Facebook page: Looks like we'll be seeing something similar to Super Mario All Stars then this coming year. On one hand ROM-dumps but on the other hand MOAR KIRBY! Never a bad thing eh?
  22. Doesn't seem that long since the last issue, does it? Features: Assassin's Creed III The 29 Worst Decisions in NIntendo History Previews: Kingdom Hearts 3DS, Paper Mario 3DS, Theatrhythm FInal Fantasy Replay: Timesplitters 2 Time Warp: Chuck Rock, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Ikaruga Still Playing: Super Mario 3D Land Judgement Play: NBA Jam, Solar Jetman, Meteos Reviews: 3DS: Kid Icarus Uprising - 92 DS: Inazuma Eleven 2: Firestorm/Blizzard - 72 3DS: Rhythm Thief & The Emperor's Treasure - 76 Wii: Pandora's Tower - 81 3DS: Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove 3D - 49 3DS: Carnival Games: Wild West 3D - 69 DS: Card Games: The Classics - 35 Wii: Junior League Sports - 11 DS: Puzzler World 2012 - 75 3DS: The Whitakers Present Milton & Friends 3D - 39 Wii: Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2012 - 40 DS: Jewel Master: Cradle of Persia - 45 Import Reviews: 3DS: Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-Kun Special - 31 3DS: Beyond The Labyrinth - 53 Online and Online Shop Reviews: Wii: The Last Story (Online mode) - 65 3DS: Tekken 3D Prime Edition (Online mode) - 43 WiiWare: Newton vs The Horde - 52 3DS Virtual Console: Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 (GB) - 78 3DSWare: Dillon's Rolling Western - 62
  23. New issue's just popped through t'letterbox, so another round-up is due. Features: Wii U: The Truth The 25 Heartbreakingest Nintendo Moments Interview: Hironobu Sakaguchi Replay: Freedom Fighters Time Warp: Viewtiful Joe Still Playing: Xenoblade Chronicles Judgement Play: Glover, WCW/nWo Revenge, Solstice Reviews: Wii: Mario Party 9 - 80 3DS: Nano Assault - 75 3DS: One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP - 31 3DS: Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games - 70 3DS: Pac-Man Party 3D - 50 DS: Captain Morgane & The Golden Turtle - 50 3DS: Secret Mysteries in London - 21 Wii: Kiki Trick - 78 3DS: Order Up!! - 62 3DS: Reel Fishing Paradise 3D - 65 DS: Heroes of Hellas 2: Olympia - 29 Online and Online Shop Reviews: 3DS: Resident Evil: Revelations (Online mode) - 94 WiiWare: Bobby Carrot Forever - 54 WiiWare: TNT Racers - 47 Wii Virtual Console: Prince of Persia (Super NES) - 87 3DS Virtual Console: Prince of Persia (GBC) - 50 3DS Virtual Console: Balloon Kid (GB) - 76 3DSWare: 3D Classics: Kid Icarus - 80
  24. Story, and text below for those at work: So will everyone choose an animal and customise it appropriately? Or will we be using stylised Mii avatars? Or will the animals in question be all but a myth? Speculate.
  25. Xevious


    http://www.wiipreorder.co.uk is great. It shows you when shops get stock in. And alerts you to companies who take the piss, so don't deserve your custom. This just popped up: http://www.techfocus.co.uk/pages/product/p...cookie%5Ftest=1 - Only a markup of £100 over the normal price. So, I'll not be buying from them ever. Where have you seen silly prices for a Wii?
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