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Found 15 results

  1. Haven't read about this at all on here... and thought if true it deserved a thread all of its own... From Eurogamer.... PlayStation 4 VR headset finally coming at GDC - report Sony's virtual reality bet just weeks from announce. By Tom Phillips Published Friday, 21 February 2014 Sony's PlayStation 4 virtual reality headset will finally be unveiled next month at GDC 2014, a new report suggests. TechRadar reports that the anticipated VR device will be formally announced at the San Francisco conference next month, which begins
  2. This is out in Early Access now. Despite only having 10 songs currently, and those being heavily hit-or-miss EDM and not owning a VR headset, I think this looks really cool, and impressions are very positive, saying it's a slice of rhythm game heaven - intuitive, satisfying, well balanced, etc. So check it out.
  3. (OP below) This could be another thread that goes nowhere until (or once?) the supported platforms are announced, but for now all we have is the initial game announcement... Engadget PRWeb (image source) And for reference, here's The Gunner of Dragoon at TGS 2018: Hmm. Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/PanzerDragoonVR Wildman Official Website: https://wildman.co.jp/
  4. labarte

    PS4 Pro

    Kotaku are saying that some devs have been talking about an improved playstation: http://www.kotaku.co.uk/2016/03/18/sources-say-sony-is-working-on-a-ps4-5 It seems unlikely to me, surely 4K gaming would require a really big leap in processing power that would not be economic at the moment, even top end PC gfx cards struggle with it. Interesting all the same. More power would definitely make sense for VR if it takes off.
  5. When Monday June 10th 5:00PM BST Conference: Bored of pre-rendered trailers for flat games that all look the same Then get on board with the true future of gaming and watch VRUpload's E3 VR Showcase. They are teasing that between 30 and 40 games will be shown over the 60 minute run time across all VR platforms (including new games for everyone's favourite VR headset the Quest). Initial details here https://uploadvr.com/upload-e3-vr-showcase-30-games/ Roundup of what was shown and release platfor
  6. So has anyone picked up Ghost Giant, it's getting pretty good reviews as noted up thread. Just wondering how long it is.
  7. Here's that weird From Software title, it's a PSVR game and it isn't Armored Core: It's different and Japan Studio collab so I'm Day One on whatever this is.
  8. Dino Frontier from the Wayward Sky devs - looks like some sort of Jurassic Park type of game mixed with the Wild West?: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2016/12/03/dino-frontier-revealed-for-ps-vr/
  9. PK

    VR Games

    What are your favourite Very Realistic games? I've always been partial to the IL-2 games; the flying feels incredibly dangerous, and the planes all feel exactly like they're made of bits of plywood and thin mental bolted together and are barely staying up in the air. If you take the piss too much with your manoeuvering it's possible to rip the wings off your plane.
  10. Other games too, including what looks like a VR Prop Cycle http://vrzone-pic.com/en/
  11. Since we have more people into VR than ever, I thought it'd be worth having a general VR thread for sharing news / tech updates relating to VR holistically. Here's something cool I saw this morning, "walk around" VR video.. nice! The catch? 3gb per FRAME. Sheesh.
  12. Looks like X wing VR will go live 11/11:30 am UK time. http://starwars.ea.com/starwars/battlefront/forums/discussion/63469/star-wars-battlefront-rogue-one-scarif-update-downtime-december-6th-companion-ps4-x1-pc%23latest
  13. Couldn't find a dedicated thread for this, apologies if there is one. My copy arrived yesterday (physical copy for a tenner less than digital - daft). Had a couple of hours on it and it's incredibly fun, and looks great; just wondered if anyone else is playing it. First thing I noticed after starting out with a long campaign on Normal difficulty is how hard the game is. The clearly expect you to start on a short, easy campaign then work your way up. Furthest I got was a couple of missions away from the target zone. I expect this is brilliant in co-op (and presumably the
  14. Does anyone know where i can try the HTC Vive near me? It's a big investment before i know if it's worth it. I live near Bournemouth and the New Forest and the nearest place i can find is in Reading in PC World where there'll be queues no doubt. Don't mind paying if anyone knows of a local arcade offering gametime on the Vive.
  15. Guys, thought we might like a platform-agnostic thread for personal VR awakenings. The thread for breaking your VR cherry, if you will. Mods, please move this to the HTC thread if you want to keep it all in one place etc. Anyway, I just got back from a 20-minute HTC Vive session at Scan Computers in Bolton. First ever VR experience of any kind, so thought I’d share a few thoughts. Apologies for the epically long post, but may be of interest to fellow VR virgins… Background: I am utterly obsessed with the coming of new VR, and have been wanting
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