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  1. Available February 26th 2019
  2. There's been a huge release of vids today, Feel free to add any new ones as you see them!
  3. by Sledgehammer Games Official Site | twitter | Steam | PS4 | XB1 Release date: November 3, 2017 ABOUT IMAGES VIDEOS Carentan pls. previous OP
  4. Tower of Time is a modern, story-driven CRPG for PC. I'd not heard of it at all until I saw the YouTube review below as it appears to have got very little press attention. At the time of writing it's on Steam at 20% discount and has a "very positive" rating for 89% of its 414 reviews. I spent a few hours with it last night and it's a very solid modern CRPG in the style of Balder's Gate with a very good tactical combat system which feels very natural and fluid to use. Take a look, see what you think. Developer page: http://www.evehor.com/#thegame Steam Page: https://store.steam
  5. Looks terrific. Eurogamer are really bigging it up. Out now on Steam, PS4, and XB1. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-05-11-laser-league-review-an-instant-modern-day-multiplayer-classic Kind of Tron like. All you do is move and press the trigger to perform your special power. Elimate the other team.
  6. By IllFonic Official Site | Steam | PS4 | XB1 | FAQ Release date: 26 May, 2017 I just wanted to post this trailer really. It's pretty damn good (and very silly). Did anyone here play Dead by Daylight? That was all the rage on twitch for a while and still has quite a few people playing. Maybe I'll jump on this myself (because Jason) if it still manages to retain a decent community after a few months.
  7. I discovered this by watching a Matt Lees vid, it's neat! By the chap what made Ben There, Dan That. Youtube of Matt Lees' Let's Play: What is it? It's a platformer roguelike, in which you rob money from procedurally generated houses / warehouses etc over the course of a 100 day end-game time limit. Oh and it's steampunk London and has brilliant music. As you rob places, you'll find money laying about (relatively small amounts) and computers to hack (relatively large amounts). If your character dies, or you complete a heist by returning to base, a day passes. Enemies in the stage ar
  8. Posted in the Roguelike thread but I think it deserves it's own topic as there may be a broader audience for this little oddball game. This takes a lot of getting used to, controlling like nothing I've played before; left and right analogue control the tilt and it, apart from a menu - it's damn hard; but I think it'll be worth the investment in time. It's very roguelike/lite in terms of randomisation and I can see this getting a very strong little niche community, any of you guys tried it?
  9. Created by Edmund McMillan (Team Meat) and Tyler Glaiel (Bombernauts), a new platformer: It's not Meatboy but it sort of is and it's probably the closest we'll get for a long while. July 12th hype!
  10. Out not, reviews look mostly positive, if not outstanding. Anyone played it yet?
  11. Why has this been overlooked? I've been desperate for a Mashed/Micro Machines replacement for years, and with the new MM being so shit it inspired me to dig through the PSN archives. Wow! This is amazing. Really cool physics, super easy controls, great effects, weapons are fun and fair. There are three modes, race, king of the hill and then a micro machines style where you have to avoid dropping off the screen. That last mode is by far the best. And there are loads of clever little balancing features.. - you start each turn in reverse order - bo
  12. Developed by Turbo Pixel Studios Official Site | Reddit | Steam Release Date: Out Now Team T.R.A.S.H. El Spatula Illyria Mike S Nathan Wind PK Scruff Snowbind Sie VN1X The Speed Runner: The Time Trials Tournaments ABOUT IMAGES VIDEOS I'm in no way able to articulate why this is the best thing since Q3A but my god it is! Made the thread so I can bother those who bought it to come play with me. Anyone on tonight?
  13. By The Foregone Syndicate Official Site | Steam Release Date: 28 February, 2017 ABOUT IMAGES VIDEOS So far this has been the Dark Souls of shooters for me. For the first time in a very long while I'm getting absolutely crushed in a FPS. It's as if I'm back to square one and all my Esports Skills™ have left my hands. I also have no idea what I'm doing, as evident by the following video. The soundtrack is killer though!
  14. By Omega Force Official Site Release date: February 21, 2017 ABOUT IMAGES VIDEOS As a huge fan of the series (even the new one) and the films I don't even care how this turns out. It'll be my first ever Musou game (yes yes, I know) but this seems like the perfect marriage of these two franchises. It's looking to be very faithful to the source material as well. This can't possibly turn out bad can it?! Here's hoping for an Edge 6.
  15. By 34BigThings Official Site | Steam | Reddit Release date: May 2017 ABOUT IMAGES VIDEOS F-Who?
  16. milko

    Narita Boy

    waaaaa I'm a bit bemused by getting a trailer to hype me up like that (I want the soundtrack! I want the game!) and there's nowhere to actually send my money yet. Maybe this is an EXCLUSIVE.
  17. Renowned Explorers: International Society is a strategy adventure game set in the 19th century. Take command of a hand-picked group of diverse explorers and travel across the globe in search of legendary treasures while staying ahead of your rivals. Earn prestige in the Renowned Explorers International Society and become the world's most Renowned Explorer! Screenshots: Reviews from the Steam Store Page: I just got this last week and played it a couple of times, it's way more fun than I anticipated (to
  18. Hi everyone! Long time no see As rllmuk is my favourite internet forum, I thought I'd come here personally and show you this. Since I moved to Canada, I decided to try my hand at game development! I know visual novels aren't exactly super popular here, but i first heard about Phoenix Wright here so it might interest some. My new game Impulse! comes out on April 4th on steam! It'll be $14.99, or 12.99 in quids (Blame that VAT people ). Here's a trailer! And here's the Steam page - http://store.steampowered.com
  19. Recently read the RPS article about this game, and my interest was briefly piqued- I thought half an hour was a bit short, and the concepts sounded a bit tired, and even the reviewer didn't like it, but still could be interesting. Then I saw Jim Sterling's Squirty Play of the game. Lolololol. What a fucking joke. To quote deerokus from the Life is Strange thread: This is a prime example of that. Beneath a Steel Sky explored the concepts in a much more developed manner, had actual gameplay to go along with it, and is available for free. We've reached a stage where games are actually devolving
  20. A lovely looking trailer for this was shown at the Sony Paris Games Conference and whilst your first thought may be "Blergh, another Minecraft clone?" upon further reading it would appear to be offering much more than that.
  21. I've put a [NSFW] tag on this thread even though LOOK AT THE BLOODY TITLE OF COURSE IT'S NOT SAFE FOR WORK. I know someone would come in and complain anyway. "It sounds so innocent," they'd say, as if it sounds innocent at all. Anyway, PENIS: Basically how it works is that you are a child and you have to shower with your dad. But there are so many dads!! WHAT TO DO?!?! Here's a trailer which explains everything. It costs 79p and it might be Frog Fractions 2 or it might be a misdirection but it's actually really good. It has dad jokes. I laughed the whole time I played it. Just buy it. Read
  22. Divide By Sheep is a puzzle game available on iOS (currently on sale for 79p!) and Steam (currently £3.99), and look how cutesy it looks: Stupid cutesy mobile game! Except it's not cutesy at all. To solve these puzzles you have to feed sheep to wolves, slice them in half, sellotape them back together, drown them, and all kinds of other horrific things. Just like in your maths GCSE! It's also not bloody easy. I mean, it's bloody, but it's not easy. So to go back to the above image, your goal is on the left hand side. To get three stars in this level you have to save exactly four sheep at once
  23. Pit People (formerly "Game 4") is a turn-based strategy kind of affair, it seems! Here's 20 minutes of footage of it. If you've played BattleBlock, you'll know what to expect from the narration! I stopped watching after a few minutes because it made me laugh so I'm just gonna wait and experience it when it comes out, but I figure people will want to see what they're up to. They've got good form, these guys, so I'm pretty hopeful it'll turn out good.
  24. Appropriate smiley: Based on the Dreamcast version, getting a new HD coat of paint, coming to PC, based on the Dreamcast version, and best of all, it's based on Dreamcast version! I don't remember a great deal about Grandia II, other that one particular plot point which really soured my experience. You know when your character does the last thing you want him to do? That. But I was a kid, a mere child, and aside from that the game was excellent. It's Grandia, for fuck's sake, and anyone who's played a Grandia game knows that they have the best turn-based battle system which has ever existe
  25. Holy shitballs, friends. Look the fuck at this! Resident Evil? For children! Evil Within? LIKE RAINBOW. Clocktower? Cbeebies, mate. Five Nights at Freddy's? Five shites more like. Get yourself a comforting cushion and inject your eyeballs with THIS. Controls that don't work! Baddies that spawn on top of you! Doors that won't open! Baddies that can kill you through walls! Terrible music and sound effects! No way to adjust the brightness! Checklist which doesn't update properly! BEST. And the AMAZING bit? It's 19p on Steam. I've already made that back with the trading cards I got from it.
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