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Found 8 results

  1. Replaying Resident Evil 4, 13 years later... The last few nights have been a nostalgic return to Resident Evil for me - as I picked up the Resident Evil 4 PS4 remake. It's been 13 years - 13 years?! - since I played the game when it was released on the Gamecube, and I only finished it once. It's a game I've wanted to play again for a long time - inspired by end of year "Best games of all time" lists, and recently playing Resident Evil Revelations 2. I wanted to see how well Resi 4 had aged, especially as many people still rate it as one of the best games of all time. Ba
  2. Friendly obligatory warning, here be story spoilers. This is a thread for those who've finished the game and want to discuss it without having to use spoilers tags in the main God of War topic, or without having to decide what and what is not considered a spoiler by other readers. Again, here be spoilers. I'll add more later, am at work now
  3. Someone linked me to this page by one Simon Butler the other day. More at https://medium.com/@marshan/bandersnatch-for-c64-v0-1-the-story-so-far-985287305055 This looks amazing.
  4. With the closure of Telltale games being talked about in other threads I thought it would be nice to post some of our favourite Telltale scenes here. They might have had to deal with some incredibly creaky software creation tools but they still managed to create some amazing scenes. Spoilers obviously. I present to you (with no context) the greatest gun battle in video game history.
  5. Okay seeing as this has a rather excellent Photo-Mode it makes sense to have a dedicated thread for you fine folks to post pics in (this also avoids clogging up the main thread with spoilers) So I'll kick things off with some old and new pics: (album can be found here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskwuMNnt) I'm only actually up to Chapter 5, just cant stop snapping! (so doubt I'll be in here that much until I finish it)
  6. I don't have the game or a PS4 to play it on, so please spoil me with beautiful photographs from the new version.
  7. I want to talk about the Raid, so I thought I'd start a thread, and try and outline a set of spoilers we can work with. So our raid team got to have a go last night, and we made some progress. We got in, did the first bit: And the second bit: And got to, but didn't really start, the third bit: EDIT: fourth bit. Can we call them first, second, third and fourth when you make a spoiler section? I don't want to accidentally ruin the fun for people who don't get as far.
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