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  1. Might as well split this out now. A new trailer appears. Although all of the footage appears to have been in this E3 vid: Basic FAQ:
  2. http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2012/01/05/february-cover-revealed-xcom-enemy-unknown.aspx
  3. I couldn't find much talk about this on the forum, but it sounds ace. The quote above is from this Eurogamer article which has some nice images of the game and is well worth reading. You can apparently slide and snap to cover, pop out to take shots, slide to take down enemies and use headshots for quick kills. Like Hotline Miami, it has a pretty straightforward objective - clear a building of enemies whilst occasionally performing secondary tasks in the level - and like Hotline Miami it's being published by Devolver. Oh, and it was playable at Rezzed, which I didn't go to. UPDATE 1: Devolver reel from E3 2014, including Not A Hero and confirmation of PS4/Vita release: UPDATE 2: Vote BunnyLord gameplay trailer below; the game has also been dated for May 7th on Steam
  4. I'm fully aware this game got some love in both the PSN and Vita threads, but I feel it deserves a thread of its own. In my humble opinion, it's easily one the best games of 2012 so far (and my personal fave), but the US press hardly paid any attention to it and developer FuturLab doesn't have the marketing muscle to go up against bigger hitters. They would like to make a dedicated Vita version, but this will only happen if enough people show their support. I'll do my part then. So what is Velocity? Let's watch a trailer first: So it's basically a retro shooter with a couple of wonderful mechanics. It should be noted that the best way to play this game is to go for the Perfect rating for each chapter as that forces you to learn the levels and master the mechanics. To get a perfect rating you need to equal or beat the target time, rescue all survivors and get the maximum XP (which means you also have to defeat all enemies). These three goals must be reached in one playthrough without losing a life. Easy? Not really, but the challenge is all part of the fun. To reach these goals, you'll need to master the mechanics. First up is boosting. Boosting is essential to meet the target times. In fact, some levels force you to boost the entire way through. You can also unlock special challenge levels and in some of these you need to boost through stages without touching the sides. Hard, but great fun. The second mechanic is bomb flinging. In Velocity you don't just fire off a bomb that will clear the screen, you fire off a bomb in any of four directions to clear the screen of enemies or obstacles and free survivors in a straight line. Hitting targets while boosting takes skill, but hey, too many games these days are all too easy, right? This player is pretty good at it: But don't take my word for it. Here's what Edge had to say in their 9/10 review: http://www.edge-onli...velocity-review tl;dr: Stop moaning about the Mass Effect 3 ending and play one of this year's unsung gems!
  5. by Trion Worlds defiance.com Release Date: April 2013 ABOUT IMAGES VIDEOS I have never heard of the show nor do I plan on actively watching it but the game looks interesting and most of all fun.The overal art style and visuals themselves might not be the terribly original but they're definitely, for lack of a better word, solid. If anything it is nice to see the two mediums co-exist and not have one lag behind the other. I for one am keeping my eye on this. Rllmuk Defiance ID's Aimless - Nephyri (PC) Dave White - dave white (PC) Mogster - Barry Scott (PC) mr_woo - Vic Vaughn (PC) VN1X - VN1X (PC) Takizawa - Takizawa (PC) King Antonius - Winston (360) elementalshift - DevastatorAlpha (PC)
  6. This just appeared on the PS4 store without much fanfare. I've read the first few comics which are pretty good, so have middling to optimistic hopes for this. I do love an on-rails shooter and this looks lovely. At £12 or so, it seems mighty tempting. There's also a demo, which you can download now. http://youtu.be/XKucWy4deFM Eurogamer
  7. As mentioned earlier in the official 3DS thread, Level-5 is launching Guild 01 in Japan in 2012. Guild 01 is more of a concept than a game, consisting of four games made by big-name developers let loose over a game genre of their choice. Here are more details and images of each of the four games that make up Guild 01. Game 1: "Kaiho Shojo" ("Liberation Girl") Meet Shoko, the second president of Japan and a high school girl who boards a mech as Japan's only hope against an invading country that's sucking away all the energy. This shooter is made by the infamous Suda 51 (Flower, Sun, and Rain; Killer 7) and has animation by the Japanese studio Bones (Escaflowne, Halo Legends). Game 2: "Rental Bukiya de Omasse" A fantasy RPG from Yoshiyuki Hirai of comedy unit America Zarigani (the same guys who did the comedy act in PS3 Ni no Kuni). You play as a merchant and his son, who make weapons for RPG heroes. Play mini games to craft your weapons. Different from most RPGs, where the hero is the one choosing the weapons, in Rental Bukiya de Omasse, weapon selection is left to you. Your decisions affect the result of your clients' adventures. To aid in your business, you have access to a tool called "Donai Natter". This communication device shows messages indicating if the adventurer has successfully achieved his goal, so you'll know if you'll get your rental gear back or not. The device also indicates when the local bakery is having a sale, for instance (what?). Game 3: "Air Porter" "Check your luggage on time." The airport luggage management simulation we've all been waiting for, by Yoot Saito (Seaman, Odama). You play as the head of an airport and must handle the luggage that passes through. Your goal is to keep planes departing on time. The game encourages smart management by rewarding you with combos. When you make a plane take off on time, this leads to a plane being able to land on time, resulting in a combo. Perform your job well, and your airport rating will grow. You'll get more passengers, and more money as a result, and you'll be able to purchase new planes and parts and expand your airport grounds. Eventually, you may even be asked to handle an arrival and departure from Air Force One. Do this successfully, and you'll get the highest rating. Game 4: "Crimson Shroud" Yasumi Matsuno's (Ogre Tactics, Final Fantasy XII) contribution to the project is still the one most shrouded in mystery. You play as a "Chaser," someone who's skilled at finding people. The prologue also mentions the "Crimson Shroud" of the title, but does not say what it is. The game is supposed to be an action-RPG set 1,000 years in the past in a world without magic. The game's story will apparently tell how magic became commonplace in the world. Hideo Minaba (Final Fantasy IX, Little King's Story) is listed as the game's illustrator. Some really big names attached to this project then. But what are the chances of this getting released in Europe?
  8. Hey-hey! It's Keyboard Koala again, with another thread on a interesting looking Japanese game that will probably never get a European release (cq. Guild 01, Sakura Samurai etc.) Anyway, 3DS players, meet Kokuga : part shoot'em-up, part trading-card game, developed by shoot'em-up maestros G.rev, and directed by ex-Treasure programmer/artist/composer/all-round shoot'em-up legend Hiroshi Iuchi (Gradius, Radiant Silvergun, Ikaruga). In Kokuga, players take control of a futuristic tank in which you use the L and R triggers to rotate your turret. Firing your main weapon is with B, which is also used for choosing to use the card you've selected on the touchscreen. At the start of each stage you're given 20 shuffled cards, of which 4 are placed on the touchscreen. Use a card, and a new one takes its place. Cards include attack style cards, which give you access to special weapon attacks, and defense cards, which do things like restore your shield or repair your ship. As you play, you're free to select your route through the game's fifteen stages, which are placed on a triangular grid. You can select your start stage, then after clearing this stage, you can select your next stage from its neighbors. You clear the game when you've cleared one of the "final" stages at the vertices of the triangle. This system allows you to play the game for as little or as much as you want. If you want a short play session, you can just select D, then jump right to Final 3. If you want a lengthy play session, you can select A, then go to E, H, K, I, E, H, K and end with Final 1. Stages initially start off with Normal difficulty. Clear a stage under Normal, and the stage changes to Hard. Clear it under Hard, and the stage changes to Ultimate. The game was originally scheduled for a release on the NDS, but seems now set for a Summer 2012 release on the 3DS in Japan. Of course there's no word on a Western release at all, but fans can start drooling over the screenshots at the official site ( > http://kokuga.net/index.html ). Official debut trailer: Screenies (these can be viewed in 3D if you use your 3DS and go to the official site ):
  9. Now that Nintendo have fixed my Wii U and returned the game disc that was stuck inside, I've been able to play TTT. I wasn't expecting much, but it's great - I'm getting EDF vibes from it, with the bonus that this doesn't feel massively creaky and is much more arcadey. It's simpler to control as well - which is bad for us but good in getting others to play. I've put a few hours into it now, and it's still good fun. Anyone else playing it? I believe you can now get a basic version of it free from the eShop, but I don't know if that includes the single player game. One oddity - I can't post screenshots within Miiverse. Anyone any idea why?
  10. So, here's an interesting thing: some video games have real-world licensed guns in them, meaning when you buy the game some of your money ends up in the pockets of actual gun companies. If you like guns and gun companies, that's probably fine. But what if you don't? Kotaku asks "does that make buying Call of Duty or Battlefield a moral choice?" Predictably, the comments in reply resemble an explosion in a stupid factory. I can only imagine what the comments on Youtube are like. I'm not sure which games are affected -- I can't watch the Youtube video in work. And I'm not sure how I feel about the premise itself. It strikes me as an interesting to debate though.
  11. This is a real game. Irony is dead.
  12. Orcs Must Die! 2 by Robot Entertainment http://www.robotentertainment.com/ Release Date: Summer ABOUT IMAGES VIDEOS The first OMD! was an absolute blast and definitely one of the better tower defense games. The inclusion of a second character can only mean double the fun, harder difficulty and more clever writing. Can't wait. Launch trailer inside.
  13. Inspired by the Half Life 2 discussion in the Edge thread, what are your favourite FPS games and why? When I think back on the FPS games I've played, I think my favourite FPS game of old must be Goldeneye, which rewarded tactical play, had loads of objectives besides shooting your foes and was amazingly atmospheric. An amazing and complete package, even the difficulty levels and secondary objectives that came with it were well thought out. In more recent times it's probably Bulletstorm. Completely over the top, but so amazingly well crafted and such a joy to play. From the dudebro oneliners to the various 'styles' of killing baddies, it just worked. I've played through it at least 3 times, and it just never gets stale. Honourable mentions go to The Chronicle of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay and Condemned, but it's debatable if they're actually proper FPS games. They're amazing in their atmosphere and tension though, and I thoroughly enjoyed both. Anyway, let's not bicker about good games and bad games, just post to sell your favourite FPS to the rest of the forum in an attempt to get them to actually play it.
  14. squenix are showing off their on rails demonic rhythm action shooter, Demon`s score at E3, IOS and android. [media=]
  15. Hi Guys, I couldn't seem to find the old thread about this game, so apologies if it still exists. Just started playing this game a couple of weeks ago, since I realised it became F2P (yes, I am a cheapskate). Took me a good few hours to get into it. Or rather, I forced my way through hours of it because I assumed it would get better, and it has. Or rather, I think I'm finally understanding it a little bit. There's so much stuff in there, I still really don't know what I'm doing, much like when I played WOW for a brief period. Buut, it's become fun at least, and now I want some people to touch play with. As its pretty lonely out there in space. So, enough of the talking. Who is playing this game? Who wants to team up? Who wants to START playing this game now it's free andwantstoteamupwithme!? I hope the answer to all those questions is LOTS OF YOU. So hurry up and get in this thread and share the wealth.
  16. Its game, retro and music related so Ill post it here Where: Education and cultural centre Kawasaki , Tokyo When : 25/8/12 Who: [H. ] (SEGA SOUND UNIT) k. h. d. n. (Daisuke Nagata, and Y. Hayashi) Yuzo Koshiro [superSweep] Ayako Saso (CAVE) Sano, electromagnetic [DETUNE] ZUNTATA [TAITO] Nakayama Raiden [superSweep] Shinji Hosoe (CAVE) Yasuhisa Watanabe [sTUDIO DUALMOON] Plus DJ's Buy tickets here http://eplus.jp/sys/...P006001P0030001 Tokyo meet anyone?
  17. So it seems like there's one of these announced every day at this point, and they're really reaching saturation or oversaturation - there's like three in the Mech-based subgenre alone: Hawken, Reign of Thunder and Battletech Online. Since we've got a general thread for MOBAs, I thought it'd be a good idea to have one for these, since they're unlikely to be populous enough alone for a thread, and there's a gazillion of them. So do you play them, and which ones? Are you enjoying the Beta of Tribes: Ascend? Waiting on Planetside 2 with baited breath? I always enjoyed TF2, which does have a rather inactive thread from before it went F2P, although I haven't really played it much recently.
  18. Sega have announced HOTD3 for a Feb 7th release on PSN (in the US I guess), and HOTD4 as "spring" Both games will be with mandatory Trophies and HD, and will have Move support. No sign of 3D and I doubt they will bother for HOTD3. HOTD4 has never been ported to home console before so they may put in more effort for 3D. No news on a disc release. http://www.joystiq.com/2012/01/05/house-of-the-dead-3-and-4-becoming-psn-neighbors/#continued
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