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  1. https://wiredproductions.com/games/arcade-paradise/ It's pretty criminal that I couldn't find a dedicated thread for this bloody good game! It's developed by Nosebleed Interactive, the people behind 2017's Vostok Inc, and published by Wired Productions. Left by your father to work a dead-end summer job looking after the launderette he owns while he's away, you find a small arcade in the back with 3 old games in it. Soon you hit upon the idea to start building up a bigger collection by using the money made from the washing machines and the arcade. Before long, it's clear (to you, anyway) that the arcade could be much more successful than the launderette if some time and effort is put into it, and your dreams of running your own business start to bear fruit. But with your father having no interest in arcade games, he's only prepared to listen to ideas about expanding the launderette. How will he react when he finds out that you're doing the opposite of what he says? The best thing about Arcade Paradise is that it's really bloody generous - there are over 35 arcade machines to buy to fit out your arcade, which are all playable cabinets, and various new game mechanics and tasks are fed in as you go. While the first 2 or 3 hours are fairly slow going as you have to balance the laundry with the arcade to make money, soon you can ignore the launderette entirely and concentrate entirely on the fun stuff (aside from picking up rubbish and throwing it in the big bin outside, obviously! Oh, and removing chewing gum. And unblocking the toilet). All the arcade games have been specially created for Arcade Paradise - not all of them are great but many are surprisingly compelling, and each has a set of goals to achieve through play which increases their popularity and therefore the money you earn from them, giving you more incentive to play. There's a very modest management sim element here too, but that isn't particularly in-depth. Most of your time will be spent playing the arcade games themselves. With clones of the likes of Drop 7, Pong, Arkanoid, Dance Dance Revolution, Missile Command and tons more, with some brilliant music, recurring characters and also some cool in-game radio ambience, there's always something to do, and the story bubbling along underneath is pretty fun. Anyway, do give it a go if it sounds good. It's only £15.99 on Switch, which is my preferred way to play as the game is perfect for handheld. It has a gameplay loop that's super-addictive, and it's often been a real struggle to drag myself away from my now-bustling arcade. Great concept, great game.
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