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  1. rllmuk Racing Who are we? Existing members of the forum will have seen our active 'Assetto Corsa Competizione' thread where a group of us race every Thursday. For new members of the forum looking to join, we're a small(ish) but growing group of Assetto Corsa Competizione racers currently in season 5 of our league. The league and community was born out of discussion from this forum thread:- What is simracing.gp? Simracing.gp is a sim-racing hub for competitive online racing. From drivers looking to race, and communities hosting championships through to full scale global esports tournaments. The platform acts as a host for online races; leagues and series in Assetto Corsa; Assetto Corsa Competizione and RaceRoom Racing Experience. 'rllmuk Racing' is fully on-boarded as a community at simracing.gp. Our Assetto Corsa Competizione racing every Thursday will be hosted on the platform; with the hope for Assetto Corsa (and perhaps RaceRoom) races a possibility for the future. As community owners it allows us to create races and leagues which includes the server creation and entry list management. Whilst a more traditional server hosting package has been used for our ACC racing up to now; this allows for an easier driver registration system without the need for having to edit JSON files. How to Join To race with the Assetto Corsa Competizione crew for regular Thursday racing or for ad-hoc races that we create; please follow the instructions below to join the simracing.gp platform and the 'rllmuk Racing' community. 'SIGN UP' at https://beta.simracing.gp/ and 'Sign in through STEAM'. When signed in to simracing.gp, go to the 'rllmuk Racing' community page:- https://beta.simracing.gp/communities/yhRbHTPRAZwJqbJakJneM 'APPLY' to join. If you're seeing this page as a new visitor to the forum; joining our community page on the simracing.gp platform is enough to allow you to register for the races. Discord For in-game chat we use the rllmuk Discord channel. Non-forum members taking part in 'Open' events hosted on the simracing.gp platform are encouraged to register for this Discord channel and join us in the 'rllmuk Racing' > 'Voice Comms' channel during races. Register to join the rllmuk Discord channel at:- https://discord.gg/Y8jZwGy From your simracing.gp account settings page, associate your Discord account. Information that we can't share via the rllmuk forums (with it being a public forum) might otherwise be shared via Discord and with the simracing.gp platform using real driver names; this allows for us to identify new racers. It is a requirement to use the 'Push to Talk' function of Discord. No-one liked paddle shift clacking while they're racing! League Participation & Joining the forum To take part in our regular Thursday league racing it is a requirement to join the Discord channel (see above), sign up to this forum, and participate in the discussion in the ACC thread (linked at the opening of this thread). If you're new to the forum, register an account Send me a PM here or DM via Discord (to: David M#1783)... Let me know your simracing.gp name For new members of the forum, let me know the username that you registered on the forums with Let me know your 'steamID64' identifer. This allows me to add you to the entrylist for our practice server (which loops all week, typically configured with a practice session for whichever league race we're running that week). To do this, go to:- https://steamid.io/looku Using the Assetto Corsa Competizione Practice Server Aside from simracing.gp, we have a practice server that is available 24/7. In most cases it is configured with a looping practice session with the track that we're racing on that week. During the week the practice timings are posted in the discussion thread each day. To access the practice server:- Send me a PM requesting access, and I'll respond with the password (to be used with instructions below) Accessing the Server Select 'Multiplayer' from the main menu Select 'SERVER LIST' In the search box, type 'rllmuk' and hit ENTER The server should show in the results list. Click the server in the list, then enter the password in the box to the right:- Click 'CONNECT' to join How to Race It is important when joining for 'closed' league or 'open' ad-hoc races that you are registered for the event at simracing.gp. SGP creates the server at the scheduled time and generates the entry list based on those that have registered with that specific event on the platform. So it isn't enough just to search for the 'rllmuk' server (as with previous server hosting); you'll need to be registered first. League Racing To take part in our league races (added as 'series' or 'championships' on simracing.gp) you must be an active member of the forum community and engaging in discussion with us in the ACC thread. There's no requirement to post regularly, but let us know who you are! League races are 'closed' races on simracing.gp; which means you will be added to these events by an admin. 'Open' Events As mentioned above, you can join us for open events without joining the forum. When you see these appear, register using the simracing.gp platform and join the server at the appropriate time. That's it!
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