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Found 4 results

  1. Developed by Turbo Pixel Studios Official Site | Reddit | Steam Release Date: Out Now Team T.R.A.S.H. El Spatula Illyria Mike S Nathan Wind PK Scruff Snowbind Sie VN1X The Speed Runner: The Time Trials Tournaments ABOUT IMAGES VIDEOS I'm in no way able to articulate why this is the best thing since Q3A but my god it is! Made the thread so I can bother those who bought it to come play with me. Anyone on tonight?
  2. By The GD Studio Kickstarter | Official Site | Discord | Reddit Release Date: June 2017 ABOUT IMAGES VIDEOS Aside from 2GD himself being a bit of a cunt and the VO in that trailer being one of the worst things I've ever heard I'm (still) really looking forward to this. So much so that I might end up actually backing this (which is a first for me as far as Kickstarters go)! Recently Reflex scratched the Quake itch I didn't even know I had and it's been a ton of fun playing with a regular crew now. Diabotical seems to offer a similar experience with even more customization options and overall polish (granted they seem to have a bigger team and are further along in the development) but less of a focus on the hardcore CPMA movement mechanics as seen in Reflex. So here's to PC gaming, arena shooters and gooey gibs, yay! EDIT: Just spotted a player dual wielding rail guns. Backed.
  3. Our latest issue has just come back and we're really pleased with it 20 Years Of Quake (cover feature) making of 3D Starstrike and Starstrike II John Robertson interview Atari 1040 ST (hard ware heaven) Atic Atac (classic moments) Microids (archives) The Making Of Croc: Legend Of The Gobbos Uncharted 2 (Future Classic) Renegade (Ultimate Guide) Stuart Cox interview (ex Gargoyle artist) Vic 20 Alive And Kicking (35 year celebration) Atari Lynx (minority report) History of Dead Or Alive (exclusive interview content) Mario Kart 64 (classic moments) Top Gear (Retro Revival) Popeye (Retro Revival) Edit God damnit
  4. It's been a while since I last posted here, but just wanted to point fans (or prospective fans) to Lobotomy Software's upcoming Anniversary in 2013 since their founding in 1993. I've also created a history video which I felt was way overdue, and this was created with help from Ezra Dreisbach and Brian McNeely (and which may be published separately at a later date). The reason for this whole initiative is not only to celebrate their work and to bring those who enjoyed their games together into one place, but to introduce them to a new generation of players who may have missed them for whatever reason - Exhumed/PowerSlave is still amazingly playable even today. There is one slight error in the video regarding the release of Tomb Raider, but this has been corrected in one of our facebook posts as follows: Facebook page here: https://www.facebook...386374664766482 History video may be found here: Cheers.
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